Tips On Visiting Peppa Pig World, UK

Let’s face it, what child isn’t a fan of Peppa Pig.  If you live in the UK, chances are, visiting Peppa Pig World will be somewhere on the agenda.  I managed to escape a visit as my father in law offered to take the kids (thanks Barry).  However, Frankie braved it and shares her tips below:
If your little ones are obsessed with Peppa Pig (and our two year old is a big fan), then you might consider a trip to Peppa Pig world, which is part of Paulton’s Park in the New Forest.
We had invaluable advice from a veteran (my sister in law who has two Peppa Pig obsessed toddlers) beforehand which definitely helped make the day more bearable for the grown ups, so I thought I’d share a few tips.
  1. If you can manage a trip outside school holidays and on a weekday you will find the experience a lot less painful.  We went on a cloudy Monday in May and the crowds weren’t too bad.
  2. Arrive early – it opens at 10/10.30 and we got there for opening. The car park fills up quickly and if you’re late you will end up parking miles from the entrance gate.
  3. When you get in go straight to Peppa Pig world, and start queuing for a ride.  I’d suggest the helicopter ride as the queue is really slow to move so if you’re right at the front and tick that one off the list early you will minimize the time spent in queues.
  4. There’s an indoor play area in Peppa Pig world if it rains but it gets packed pretty quickly.  We retreated to the shop, but then ended up spending a lot on Peppa Pig toys/books etc – although much cheaper than in Hong Kong.
  5. Once you’ve finished Peppa Pig world, the rest of the theme park (Paultons Family Park) is also worth a visit if you still have the energy.  Parts of it look slightly run down, but it’s much quieter – in fact most of the rides were empty when we were there just after lunch.  But there was plenty to entertain little ones – the digger ride in the picture was a particular favourite.
  6. Take a packed lunch.  There are plenty of nice grassy areas to sit outside and have a picnic.
  7. We were there from about 10 to 3.30 which was enough (including a 40 minute nap in the push chair after lunch).  In fact about 2 hours at Peppa Pig World with the theme tune on permanent repeat was about as much as I could handle.
  8. It’s not cheap, but if your kids are fans I’d say it’s worth a trip.

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