NYC With A Toddler

NYC - Manhattan from Jersey

The Big Apple should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I’m saving it for when I can cope with the 16 hour direct flight from Hong Kong to New York.

Unlike me, Kirti braved it with her husband and 2.6 year old daughter and shares her tips (and amazing photography) below:

Where did you go?

New York for a whole week in mid August

How was the weather?

Superlative. Except for one day of rain where we still managed to do stuff, it was lovely summer weather.

How did you book the trip?

Our flights were booked via Sunpac and apartment via AirBnb.  Unfortunately the airbnb rental wasn’t that great so I won’t share the details.

How did you get there?

Direct flight from Hong Kong to New York JFK with Cathay and that went really well both ways.  Unfortunately there were huge queues on arrival at immigration.

What we did in NYC

Oh my, our itinerary was jam-packed.

  • Times Square (manic energy) & Central Park (So serene and lovely except for that ghastly smell of horse poo) started us off.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art needs planning and we hadn’t adequately planned our visit there so ended up a wee bit lost. But the Rooftop sorted us out with those stunning gorgeous views of NYC.
    NYC from rooftop of MET
  • Top of the Rock (observation deck at Rockefeller) was amazing first thing in the morning. No crowds and we got selfies galore 🙂
    Me and daughter looking out at NYC from Top of the Rock
  • MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was lovely and our daughter enjoyed the Art Labs which had kid activities.
    NYC from the street
  • It was a rain drenched day when we visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, again as early as possible before the crowds really started. Not knowing what to do with ourselves in the rain, we decided to try the Cloisters which was one of the highlights of our trip. Set in Fort Tryon Park, the environs are verdant and the museum interesting. Psst, do try the New Leaf restaurant for lunch. We went with extremely low expectations and were pleasantly surprised.
  • We decided not to actually visit the Statue of Liberty as the crowds at the ferry put me off and I really didn’t think my daughter would be patient enough for that. The Staten Island Ferry (which is free btw!!) did just as good and it was supremely pleasant with great views of Manhattan and Jersey City.NYC Statue of Liberty
  • Oh do try visiting Roosevelt Island with the aerial tram. That was an interesting 7 minute ride to this wee strip of land right in Manhattan.
  • The High Line is fascinating especially with the artwork you keep spotting through the walk.
    NYC - High Line
  • Please take the East River Ferry to Brooklyn. Very very worth it. It is super fast and you don’t get stuck in traffic 🙂 It was mad hot the day we visited so we ended up at the New York Transit Museum and let me tell you, ladies and gents, it costs like US$7 per person and it is totally worth it. Our daughter loved it – all forms of transportation, they have fantastic in condition models that you can play with and everything is interactive and engaging. It is the absolutely the best US$7 we spent, have to admit, so do go.

Restaurants you MUST visit:

Becco (Italian) – we loved the ambience and our daughter’s penne pasta had been cut up into wee pieces which made it easier for her to eat. Delish pasta and mains. Slightly on the expensive side. @355 West 46th Street

Rosa Mexicana (Mexican) – Absolutely hands down the best guacamole I have ever tasted in my life. True blue flavours and very child friendly too. @Different locations across NYC

What top tips do you have for someone doing this holiday?

  • Do Top of the Rock first thing in the morning.
  • Do do visit the Cloisters for nothing else except a getaway from NYC.
  • The 9/11 Memorial Museum will leave you overwhelmed but it is a must visit.
  • And eat Mexican, it is absolutely kick ass in NYC.
  • Ooooh almost forgot, make the visit to the Rooftop of the Met (do this late afternoon/evening) and the skyline is something else altogether.
  • Oh and one last thing, droolicious ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory near DUMBO.

Would you go back?

Yes, in a heartbeat

How family friendly do you rate the hotel and destination?

We hardly used the Metro (which is terribly un-stroller friendly fyi with stairs everywhere and those revolving gates which look good in the movies but are no use when we need strollers to get through) So please check beforehand regarding elevators for the Metro before you decide to use it.
Overall, we loved the ease at which Manhattan functioned in terms of accessibility especially with an Uber to take you through town. The roads are very stroller friendly so that was fine.

NYC - Top of the rock


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    Beautiful pics for your trip! 🙂 I haven’t been to NYC in years! There is so much to see!

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