Princess For A Day At The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

As if the Disney World’s Magic Kingdom wasn’t magical enough, getting prepped at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique adds that extra sparkle and I highly recommend it for all Princess loving little people.  

In case you weren’t aware, this is an enchanted beauty salon operated by Fairy Godmothers-inTraining. Princesses and Knights aged 3 to 12 can enjoy a magical makeover.

There are two Boutiques in the Orlando Disney area, one at Disney Springs and the other in Cinderella’s Castle.  I went for the latter as there’s nothing more magical than going inside the castle, plus an early slot gets you in to the Park before opening.  I managed to keep our trip to the salon as a surprise for the girls. 

Which brings me on to my first tip.  Try to go for an early a slot as you can get. As mentioned, you can get in the park before opening (we were the first ones on Splash Mountain) plus your Princesses can spend the whole day wandering around looking fancy. Booking opens 180 days in advance.  Which means you need to be on that phone at 7 am EST securing your slot.  If you staying at a Disney resort (we were at the Polynesian Village),you can have a head start on booking as it’s 180 days out from the first day of your stay.

I booked Jetlag & Mayhem in for 8:10 which worked out well. One was really fast but the other took about 45 minutes. Which meant we were still out in time to beat the crowds to the rides.

What’s on offer at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

There are 5 different packages; Crown, Courtyard, Castle, Knight and Deluxe Knight. We went for the basic Crown package which was USD $64.95 plus tax. A fab money-saving tip is to buy your own Disney outfits in advance. I bought a couple of cheap, more lightweight Cinderella dresses from Amazon. 

If you opted for Disney’s Memory Maker, pictures taken during your girl’s transformation can be added to your account.  Also with Memory Maker, you can take your daughter over to Castle Couture and have a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Studio photo session.  There is no extra cost to have these pictures taken and added to your account. 

What do you need to remember?

That morning, simply brush your child’s hair through and put on their outfit. You may want to pack a change of clothes/shoes for later in the day.

What do I do when you get to the Park?

If you’ve managed to bag one of those early appointments, you can enter the park with all the people doing Breakfast Dining.  Remember to note down your confirmation from booking and find a lady with the clipboard at the entrance. Allow time to walk from the main gate to the Cinderella castle although the rest of the Park will be roped off.

What can I expect at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

From the moment you enter, it is such fun. The stylists are all Fairy godmothers in training. Depending on the package, they will talk your child through what hairstyle they want. Then they will style the hair, paint their nails, put make-up on, throw over their sash, all while chatting to them.  There’s also plenty of seating areas for the adults.

Children are seated facing away from the mirror so they can’t see anything until the big reveal. When it’s time, they sprinkle fairy dust, turn them around and I practically sobbed out of happiness watching my girls delighted faces!

After you’ve paid, your Princesses will also get a pink drawstring backpack which contains makeup, shampoo, stickers and a comb.  Bear in mind you will have to schlep this around the park for the rest of the day although they are lightweight.

Should I do book it?

Absolutely! Unlike a lot of other things at Disney, I didn’t think it was too crazily priced.  As mentioned, you can keep the price down by bringing your own outfits. 

Plus if you get an early slot before Park opening, it’s amazing to walk into an empty Park and have first access to all the rides.

My girls loved the experience and there was nothing better than watching them meet Cinderella later that day, dressed up in their Cinderella outfits.

One last tip – anyone can walk into the the boutique and ask for ‘fairy dust’ at reception. We did that on our second day in the Magic Kingdom and it was lovely to feel that tiny bit more sparkly!


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