5 Toys/Activities for Plane & Car Journeys

Following my recent Colorado road trip where we did several long and short-haul flights plus a multitude of two to three hour car journeys, I wanted to share with you my favourite keep ’em quiet activities:

  • I hope you don’t mind me publicising my fabulous Kidz Kits here, as they are tried and tested by my own mini jetsetters!  Inside the blue drawstring backpack is a reusable sticker book, colouring book, crayons, mini chalk board, jigsaw, toy car and fun kids luggage label. Boys Kidz Kit 6th JuneThe boys kit is pictured above but there are lots of choices available.  I also made sure we always had the backpack with us when we went to restaurants during our trip.  If you wish to purchase (only HKD$110) then please contact me!  So sorry but HK orders only.
  • Mini etchasketch.  I bought them in good old Target for USD $3 each.  They weren’t the best quality but good fun, lightweight, the perfect size to carry around and a nice change from traditional colouring.  If you are road tripping in the US, I highly recommend a trip to Target near the beginning of your trip to stock up on fun toys and games that are in the USD $1 aisle!  Tiger Tribe Playbook
  • I’ve blogged about these Magnetic Playbooks before but they really are brilliant.  Loved by both my four year old and 21 mth old.  Make sure you retrieve all the pieces from the airplane/car floor though.
  • Stickers!  You can’t go wrong with stickers, as long as they aren’t the frustrating type that kids can’t actually get to and you spend your time peeling off for them.  I bought some creative sticker scenes ‘Airplane and Anywhere Packets’ from a Hong Kong company, Kids Take It and Make It. Please contact kidstakeitmakeit@yahoo.com for more information on all the great packets she has available.
  • iPad and iPhone apps/videos.  I don’t resort to them in restaurants and rarely use them in the car as they are addictive (see addict below) and I’m trying not to set a precedent.
    Daisy on ipad That said, they are BRILLIANT and you can load them up with videos and games e.g. Wee Kids Stickers & Puzzles.  We bought a second-hand iPad before our Colorado trip and once ensconced in a case, they are so sturdy I’m happy for my 21 mth old to essentially sit, tapping the screen to kingdom come.

Daisy Kidz Kit

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    Thanks for the kind words, Nicola! I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.
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