Bangkok Airways Review: Hong Kong to Koh Samui

I don’t know why I always think of Bangkok Airways as a ‘budget’ airline.  It provides a superb service and certainly doesn’t come with a budget price tag.  From Hong Kong, Bangkok Airways is your only option for a direct flight to the easy breezy Thai island of Koh Samui.  Bangkok Airways actually built and own Samui Airport, hence why most other airlines aren’t allowed to operate there!  If you are flying at peak times, make sure you book your ticket far in advance.  They have recently started a twice daily service to keep up with demand (departs HKG 08:45 and 17:05).

Who:  3 families.. many kids..
Where:  Bangkok Airways PG876 Hong Kong to Koh Samui (3 hours)
When:  Chinese New Year (Feb 7th 2013)

Check In
Bangkok Airways Check InBangkok Airways check-in is located in Terminal 2 of Hong Kong Airport.  We arrived just under 2 hours before our flight and it was empty!  Within 20 minutes the crowds had arrived.  There was a problem with the infant booking on our ticket so I’m pleased we arrived with plenty of time.  I’m not sure what the problem was but it involved lots of phone calls and nodding.  Our bags were also slightly overweight (allowance is 20kg) but managed to sneak through.

Bangkok Airways does offer a web-check in but you are still required to go to the Check-In desk to pick up your boarding pass for international flights

At the airport
Allow for plenty of time to get from Terminal 2 to the North Satellite Concourse.  My advice would be, after immigration and security to head straight there.  You will need to take a train to the main terminal and then a shuttle bus.  The satellite terminal is much quieter with stores including Starbucks and Mannings.

Bangkok Airways BassinetBangkok Airways keep their fleet in good condition.  Our A319 had 3-3 configuration in Economy.  My friend had requested the bassinet seat for her 10 mth old son and I was very surprised that Bangkok Airways also had a bassinet to go with it.

There are no seatback TVs (only hanging TV sets every 5 rows) so bring your own entertainment.

For an airline meal, Bangkok Airways offers some of the best food out there.  The kids meals are served first and despite being piping hot, was pretty good (salad starter, pasta and jelly with apple juice and kitkat). I confiscated the kitkat!

Bangkok Airways Kids MealThere were lots of kids on our flight who all seemed to befriend each other and roam around the aisle.  I was delighted with my invention of ‘Sick Bag Hand Puppets’ which kept the girls entertained for about 20 mins.Sick Bag Hand Puppets!

When you arrive at the open air, bamboo furnished, palm tree swooshing airport of Samui, you immediately switch into island mode.  Try to get a seat near the front of the plane as the immigration queue can be lengthy.  You will need to hop on a short buggy ride from the plane to immigration.

Pick up your strollers at the luggage carousel.

For more information on Samui Airport http://www.samuiairportonline.com


  1. Christopher

    Glad you enjoyed Bangkok airways. Indeed they are a full service airline, but they’re small and not part of a global alliance so that’s probably why you think they’re budget.

    I think when you fly out of Bangkok they even provide lounge service to all passengers!

    Your hand puppets are cute too. 😀

  2. Bangkok Airways

    We are happy to know that you enjoyed our services on Bangkok Airways, we will keep on providing the best services and will offer more destinations as well.

    1. Nicola

      You know my kids are called Daisy & Sky which weirdly enough are the names of two of your mascots?!

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