Farewell the 747 on London to Hong Kong Route!

Today I was honoured to be on a Boeing 747-400’s final voyage on the London – Hong Kong route. From tomorrow.. enter stage left, the A380!

Some of you may know that I’m a plane geek (stop sniggering).  This post is in honour of the beautiful Jumbo Jet.  Having lived overseas for the last 9 years, the 747 has been a regular feature of my flying life.  My greatest ambition was to sit upstairs.  After banking up airmiles and loyalty points, I eventually cashed in to sit in business class on the upper deck and what a pleasure that was.  The small cabin is an oasis of calm where you feel like you’re on your own private plane.

I wasn't sitting there but they let me take a photo!

I wasn’t sitting upstairs but they let me take a photo!

British Airways has 55 747-400s in service and these are slowly being replaced by the more fuel efficient aircraft like the 777.  Even if you’re not a plane geek, you can’t deny the 747 isn’t pretty to look at.  

747 Flies into Hong Kong

My stewardess was telling me she loved working on the 747 with lots of room to move around and a great layout.  I got chatting to the pilots waiting by the luggage carousel (yes I stalk pilots) and you could tell they were very sad to stop flying the 747, hence the emotional cabin announcements.

Ok.. I will stop inflicting aviation geekdom on you, just one last picture!

BA 747


  1. adayindadslife

    That’s a fab post and a memory you will remember for ever and u got to do it in style cool

  2. Shana Norris (@ShanaNorrisBlog)

    How cool for you, Nicola, given your love of travel and flying.

    I love to travel. Just wish I could do it without the flying part 🙂


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