Cathay Business Class With A 5 Mth Old – LHR to HKG

At a mere five months of age, lucky Marley got to experience the joy of turning left.  Her clever parents banked up all their Asia Miles and splurged on business class flights to their old home of Hong Kong.  Here they share their very first longhaul flight review and tips on flying with a baby!

Tara stepping off plane - shrink

CX852, departing London Heathrow 12.30pm (hour delayed), arrives 6:55am + 1

How did you book the flight?

We wanted to use our Cathay miles so we made the booking through the Marco Polo call centre.

Were you able to prebook a bassinet seat and/or bassinet?

We requested one during our initial phone call.  Then phoned again to confirm it had been booked. 

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I highly recommend the seats we were given – 16D & G which are two in the middle.  There was a massive shelf area where you could keep loads of stuff.  The bassinet is in front of one of the seats.


How was check in? Were you ushered in to a ‘family queue’?

At T3 the check-in was fast and efficient. We were ushered straight into the fast-track queue through security.

Did you request a bassinet at check in?

We double checked again that we had the one we reserved!

Did you check in your buggy or take it to the gate?

We took our buggy to the gate. We were offered a bag for it at check-in only for them to discover they didn’t have any left.

How was security? Did they make you taste the milk/water/baby food?

We had 7 sterilised bottles filled with water.  They didn’t make us taste any but scanned each one. They also scanned our baby sling.

What did you think of the airport’s changing facilities and feeding rooms?

Clean changing facilities and had paper that you pull to put over the changing table

Went to the business class lounge although that had nothing baby specific. We had a nice corner area where we put a blanket down on the floor for her to play (tip – pack a blanket!)


CX Cabin - shrink What did you think of the seat?

Seats were amazing. Roomy, loads of space & right at the front.

We didn’t get the bassinet until after takeoff.  It was very nice with fresh sheets and a little pillow. However, it was a bit on the small size, I don’t think she’ll be able to fit in it for much longer!

Did you feed on take off and landing?

Yes – delayed an hour on the aircraft so dragged out her first feed.

Did your baby sleep well on the plane and behave?

She was angelic. She cried a bit on take off, then settled quickly. Then she napped.  We woke her up after 2 hours, then she was up for 3 hours. She went down again for a 5 hour nap.

Marley watching wiggles - shrink

Had you taken a baby carrier e.g. Bjorn or Ergo and was this useful?

Found the Baby Bjorn very useful in the airport

How were the staff?

All lovely, offered to hold her & play with her.

We also got given the baby amenity pack full of gorgeous Mustela goodies.

Ben & Tara’s top tips for flying with a baby

  • Travel in business (!)
  • Find a space on baby where can crawl on floor. We went back to Premium by the toilets and let her crawl around on the floor.
  • Don’t be in a rush to get off the plane as you might have to wait for your luggage 


Where did you pick up the stroller?

At the airbridge when we got off plane

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