Family Fun In Brisbane

If you spent your youth watching the Australian soap Neighbours (don’t pretend you didn’t my fellow Brits!) then you’ll remember Brisbane as the place Scott and Charlene quit Ramsay Street for.  Brisbane is also the third biggest city in Australia and somewhere you might fancy a jaunt if you are travelling down under.

Sherry recently went for her cousin’s wedding and helpfully shares her trip review:

Who: Sherry and elder daughter (3 years, 7 mths)

Getting to the Hong Kong Airport:

Was running really late the morning of the flight. Managed to hail a taxi just as morning rush hour was building to a head. In a panic, I realised I probably didn’t have time to check-in in Central and take the Airport Express, so ended up asking the taxi driver to take us alllll the way to the airport!

Made it and even had a few minutes to spare and let the little one browse the Disney store.

To – Cathay direct ~11:15am
Middle section, row 62
Forgot to order the kid’s meal in advance. Shoot! Macaroni I think it was…looked very child friendly! Thankfully daughter managed well with the spicy chicken and rice (I was bracing myself because she doesn’t normally have spicy food!).  Couldn’t go for the other beef dish as she doesn’t like potatoes.

Inflight entertainment went swimmingly. Started off with Mickey Mouse Club House. Then a some playing and drawing and stickering in her TrayKit which was packed with toys, books and activity stuff (Thank you Nicola!).

Brisbane - Traykit

Alvin and the Chipmunks movie was a hit (first time she ever sat through a whole movie) and she was delightfully consumed by the other children’s TV programmes too. She is a little TV deprived at home.
Because it was a day flight, I was quite happy for her to not sleep at all (yes, she was awake for the WHOLE flight).

Bathrooms were “OK” but unfortunately, 2/3rds into the flight someone puked in the sink of one of them! Always put the little one’s shoes on when going to the loo. Note to self.

Strange they handed out activity packs at the end of the flight as we were ready to get off the plane.

The weather was great! I was told that it was much colder than it actually was so over packed on the cold weather stuff. It actually felt like a cool Vancouver summer. Beautiful.

Very easy to get around by bus. We stayed in St. Lucia at a friend’s empty condo.


  • Lone Koala Pine Sanctuary (and cuddled a Koala and fed Kangaroos)
    Brisbane feeding kangaroos
  • The City – Queen’s Mall – Love David Jones (stocked on real sized bras!) and pigged out at their regular farmer’s market next to the library.
  • Southbank – Relaxing stroll along the river. Enjoyed Nitrogenie ice cream treat and had a good play at the playgrounds.
  • Queensland Gallery of Modern Art – Had a fun kids exhibit all about Kangaroo’s
  • Queensland Museum – checked out some fun exhibits and science stuff
  • New Farm Park – should have brought a picnic with us but didn’t plan well enough.  The MOST AMAZING playground!  Daughter gleefully spent two whole hours there – made lots of friends (Got there by CityCat cheap and beautiful ride

Gold Coast

Forgot where it was, but there was a GREAT playground with a HUGE bouncy platform/trampoline that is wedged in the sand.  Crazy fun for all ages (big enough for us mums & dads). Proceeded to Surfer’s Paradise – BEAUTIFUL beach that stretches for miles.

Brisbane - Sherry and daughter


Had an AMAZING buffet dinner at QT Hotel. I am not a fan of buffets, but this was is not to be missed. And good value too.

Jet-Lag & Coping
Not too crazy jet-lag as only 2 hour difference. However, I did consciously make it a point to not stress out if the little one didn’t go to bed on time. Daughter LOVED sleeping with me. How wonderful it is to wake up next to her…

Essentials not to be forgotten

  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella/Light weight pram (even for my 3.5 year old!!! a MUST for naps on the go)

Return flight to Hong Kong
9:15am flight
Friday morning flights from Brissy to HKG ALWAYS stopover in Cairns!  Did you know that? I didn’t even though I made the booking. Only discovered when I checked in. Fed the little one squeezy fruit/yogurt on cup Nutrigrain cereal before heading to the gate.

Brisbane airport has nice facilities in general, just enough shopping to keep you busy while you wait for your flight. They do require you to go to the gate early if you have a pram with you.

Lucked out with the window seats (2 x 4 x 2 configuration). Again forgot to book the kid’s meal.  Thankfully lunch was a simple veggie tortellini (again spicy! what’s with the spice Cx?).
There was no dinner…just a hot sandwich offered about an hour before landing. Needless to say, we were both very hungry when we got home. I suggest extra snacks for this leg of the trip.

Despite an hour stopover in Cairns the flight was smooth and uneventful. Daughter was more than occupied. I however felt like a zombie due to serious lack of sleep – made worse by the millions of
questions from a super inquisitive 3-year-old.

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