Flight Review: Cathay Pacific HKG – LAX Premium Economy

Who: Me, Daniel, Daisy (4yo) and Sky (21 mths)
Where: Hong Kong – LAX, Premium Economy
How: Cathay Pacific CX880 depart 23:40, arrive 21:55

Flight Booking
I used Daryl at Concorde Travel to make my flight booking.  As it was a 13 hour flight, I decided to book both Premium Economy and also to purchase a seat for my 21 mth old.  In retrospect, a great decision, as she would have been far too big for a bassinet and actually sat in her seat for most of the flight.

Getting to the airport
I booked a private taxi calling +85294815053 which cost HKD $240, cheaper than a regular taxi.  As the flight was late at night, I had put my youngest daughter (21 mths) to bed at 7pm and then woke her at 9:20pm for the taxi.  She didn’t sleep again until we were up in the air around 1am.  My 4 yo stayed awake till approx. 1am.

Check In
Arriving at 22:15, Hong Kong Airport was fairly quiet.  As my husband is a Marco Polo Gold member, we were initially headed for the Business Class check in until we realised that there was actually a shorter queue for Economy!  There are so many frequent flyers living in Hong Kong that this is quite often the case!  It also makes for a jam packed Cathay lounge. Check in staff were friendly and for once, we were all seated together with no problems.

Quick and easy

Hanging out at the airport
As our flight was departing from Gate 4, we headed to the nearby Cathay lounge to relax.  My husband’s gold card only really entitles 1 Guest but we all managed to sneak in. I noticed the Traveler’s Lounge had a ‘Full’ sign with a large queue snaking outside it.

The ‘Wing’ Cathay lounge was busy but had a good selection of food to keep the kids quiet.  It was also nice to have somewhere to sit when it was announced our flight had been delayed 25 mins.  Tip – if the lounge is packed when you first enter, keep walking to the far end ‘Coffee Lounge’ which should be quieter.


CX LAX Boarding We took our large double stroller straight to the Gate.  Priority boarding in the Marco Polo queue.

The Premium Economy cabin is approx. 5 rows deep with a 2-4-2 configuration.  We were sat in a bank of 4 at the back of the PE cabin.  The seat is far bigger than in Economy with lots of legroom and a footrest.  It doesn’t recline flat but at a pitch of 38 vs. economy’s 32, it’s still pretty good.  If you can, try to book the bulkhead PE seats as they had acres of room in front of them.  When travelling with young kids then do bear in mind that the armrests do not move.

CX Premium Economy LAX

Passengers are given a small pack made by G.O.D (a HK lifestyle label).  The pack contains socks, toothbrush/toothpaste, earplugs.

I have no idea whether dinner was served.  The flight took off approx. midnight and we were all asleep for the first 6 -7 hours of the flight.  I had given Daisy a small amount of phenergan to help her sleep and my youngest daughter some Piriton.  My medication was a bloody Mary and trying to make myself comfortable with a Kuhi comfort travel pillow.

The air stewards came round with crisps, cookies, sandwiches and apples as snacks.  Approx. 1 hour before landing they served a hot breakfast of egg, sausage, hash brown and veg.  I had forgotten to pre-order the kids meals but actually the adults food was perfect for them.

CX Breakfast

The kids channels are excellent with lots of movies and kids TV shows like Mickey Mouse.  The airline provided a kids pack which was average containing an odd ‘make your own plastic box’, stickers, coloured pencils and a notebook.  

CX Kids Kit 2

CX Kids Kit

Lucky for my kids, I sell my own travel packs (quick plug!) so they enjoyed stickers etc from those

Arrival at LAX

Sky in the Ergo on plane Although we were off the plane quickly, we had to wait approx. 20 mins for our stroller by the Gate.  When we entered the Immigration Hall and saw the queues, I cursed not having checked the stroller in so I could have picked it up at the baggage carousel.  Luckily an Immigration Officer took pity on us and ushered us into a locals queue!


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  1. Kimberly

    And bc you’re hot- welcome to LA! Blonde and hot! xxo

    1. Nicola

      Didn’t see much of LA! 6 hours in an airport hotel then off to Denver…

  2. Jordi Sheard

    Do you have an email address for the private taxi? I’m already in Australia and would love to book one for the return to HK leg.

    Thank you.

    1. Nicola

      Jordi sadly I don’t but I contact him through SMS

  3. Christopher

    thanks for the trip report Nicola. am trying to redeem miles for a trip to L.A., but it’s so hard to find dates.

    glad you enjoyed the trip. Will certainly try premium economy if I ever have the chance.

  4. Christopher

    jordi, no need to book in advance. they’ll come in a matter of minutes usually from when you call. it’s a whole underground network of cabbies. they’ll even give you a plate number so you know which car it is.

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