Flight Review: Air New Zealand – Hong Kong to London

Who:  Claire & her 2 boys (3.5 yo toddler & 3 mth baby)
What:  Air New Zealand 39T departs Hong Kong 10am and arrives LHR 4.15pm

Hong Kong to London

I was flying alone to introduce the new baby to my UK family.  I was anxious but Nic reassured me I could do it.  I felt a day flight would be better for us since I wasn't expecting anyone to sleep and wouldn't be tired myself, or certainly no more so than usual!

Getting to airport
I booked a car to take us to the airport, usually I would use the In Town Check In but with 2 kids in tow it seemed easier to go direct.

At Hong Kong Airport
There was a small line to check in but we were taken to the Premium Economy desk which had no queue.  The nice check-in lady also confirmed my toddler JB would be getting a child's meal.  I could take my buggy to gate and would have assistance on arrival at LHR which I had requested through travel agent.

As soon as I arrived at the gate, a charming stewardess came over and said we could board first and they would do everything to help out and make things easier.

Once I handed over my buggy, we got settled on the plane and staff put my bags in the overhead locker.  The cabin was clean and it was great to have the bulkhead.  I had been hoping that we could lift up the arm rests in case JB wanted to lie on my lap and have a snooze but the tables are in there so you can't.

Once the seatbelt sign had been turned off they brought out the bassinet and put a soft blanket in it to make it comfortable for the baby.  He fit perfectly and slept for 6 hours.  I couldn't imagine a bigger baby being comfortable in it but the family next to me had their 11 mth old sleeping in one with his legs dangling out and seemed happy enough!  One thing that really impressed me, the very first time the drink trolley came round the stewardess noticed I was breastfeeding and gave me a 2 liter bottle of water.

JB was not interested in the children's TV (mostly Disney) but I had loaded up the iPad with Thomas videos and kid friendly apps.  His favourites were Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, a drawing app and a dot to dot app.  I got him some great headphones (kidz gear wired headphones)http://www.gearforkidz.com/ which are really comfortable and have a sound limiter.  I also put some audio books on my phone in case the iPad battery ran out.  The airline did provide a small bag of kids stuff, just a little notebook, a few pencils and some stickers that kept him busy for 5 minutes.

There were 4 or 5 toilets near us, all of which had a baby changing table, but 2 of the bathrooms were larger so I tried to get those if it wasn't urgent.  Once again, the lovely stewardesses entertained JB while I was off changing the baby.

Arrival at Heathrow
I had requested assistance upon our arrival from the redcoats.  I didn't get my buggy back until baggage reclaim and it was quite a walk (approx 10 mins).  It would have been a real struggle lugging baby, 3yo and bag so I was pleased with the assistance.  I was met off plane by a friendly guy who carried all the bags and to us to immigration.  We were taken through a fast channel at immigration and my redcoat helped me to get my suitcase and delivered us to my parents in Arrivals.


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