Flight Review: Dragonair HK to Phuket (3 hours)

We have just come back from our winter holidays to Phuket where we rented a villa with family from the UK. Dragonair sent us a text 24 hours before our flight asking us to check in at least 3 hours in advance given the huge anticipated traffic at HK Airport.  As that would mean waking up even earlier we decided the smart thing would be to check in the night before at HK’s In Town Check In at IFC Mall.  Very wise move, we got the seats we wanted, checked in all our luggage so in Friday we could relax and take our time to the airport.

All in all a decent flight with good service.  We were able to take the buggy up to the gate and then given family priority boarding.
We were assigned the bulkhead and they also provided the bassinet for my 10 week old.  She was already filling it out quite nicely so not sure how you would put a bigger baby in there!

The Airbus plane felt very old & worn and… there were no tvs on the back of seats!  Luckily we had brought our trusty DVD player to entertain the toddler.
Also I forgot to book my toddler a children’s meal, I must remember to do that for the next flight we go on!
We were also delayed by an hour on the return leg although this is something you can’t account for.  On the upside, Dragon Air are excellent at notifying you about this so we were able to spend longer in the villa.

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