Flying With Emirates

Love the uniforms!

Love the uniforms!

When I first moved to Hong Kong, over six years ago, you could get a flight back to the UK for GBP 350.  My how things have changed with most economy fares more than double.  Add to that, I’ve doubled my family and visiting home has got incredibly expensive!

Whilst flying direct for me is hugely convenient, I’ve recently been exploring indirect options to get a more cost-effective solution for the family.  I’ve been hearing great things about Emirates, the Dubai based airline and the largest in the Middle East.  My friend’s mum was lucky enough to fly First Class and was regaling me with pictures of the private suites and onboard shower!

I decided to compare the prices between flying Emirates via Dubai to London and flying direct (sadly not First Class for me though).  The cost for 1 adult, 1 child & 1 infant seemed to be approx. HKD $1500 cheaper to fly indirect than on one of the direct airlines.  If you were looking for some April sunshine, you could also take a few days and stopover in Dubai (the 6* Burj Al Arab anyone?).  

Would love to hear your feedback on Emirates – have you flown with them recently?  How did you find the stopover in Dubai airport?

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