Flight Review: Dragonair Hong Kong – Hangzhou with a four year old

I recently took my four year old daughter to Hangzhou, China.  Just me and her.  Flying was a total breeze!  No worrying about a bassinet, we had hand luggage only, there were no nappies involved and I even read a book on the plane.

Dragonair KA620 HKG – Hangzhou (departs 12:25, arrives 15:35)

We checked in online in advance and got the Airport Express to Hong Kong international Airport.  We swooshed through with hand luggage only (trust me, this doesn’t happen often) and enjoyed the Traveler’s Lounge.

The Dragonair flight was an ancient A330 (2-4-2 configuration).  This plane was so old there was tape holding it together.


I wasn’t offered a kids pack but after take off, I went to the galley and asked for one.  I thought this was an excellent pack; a yellow backpack containing a small sticker book, colour pencils, postcards and more stickers.


I hd forgotten to preorder Daisy a child’s meal BUT I’ve discovered that this is not a bad thing.  I think the adults meal is healthier, bread roll, chicken, rice and veg and fruit for dessert.


There were seatback TVs although no video on demand.  Daisy was quite content with the cartoon channel.

Arrival at Hangzhou Airport

Disembarked and was through immigration speedily. Opened in 2000, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has a modern, airy feel.  It is also very clean.

The taxi journey into the city is approx. 50 minutes.  You’ll make life easier for yourself if you’ve printed off Chinese instructions to your destination (ask your hotel for this).


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