Thai Airways Review: Hong Kong to Phuket with Kids

What I will say about Thai Airways is that it is half the price and double the fun of Dragonair.  Seatback TVs and you can play tetris as soon as you get on board!  On that note – Dragonair, you really need start getting individual seatback TVs onboard all your planes, especially given the prices you charge…

Flight Booking
Through Daryl at Concord Travel (please don’t all rush to him at once!).  We booked the seats about 8 months in advance and then paid for them 10 weeks before travel.  Whether you book through an agent or online, don’t forget to request those kids meals..

Frequent Flyers….
Thai Airways is part of the Star Alliance and children as young as 2 can sign up for their Royal Orchid Plus scheme.  The scheme is free to join and takes less than 5 minutes to sign up.

Check In
At Hong Kong Airport, Thai Airways is located in Terminal 2.  This means after checking in and security, you have to take an extra train to get to the main airport building.  Check in was quick and efficient.

Trunki - perfect for queues

Trunki – perfect for queues

At the airport
I’ve mentioned all the baby/child facilities in a previous post.  As our flight was departing from Gate 61, my kids were delighted to find a TV playing cartoons at Gate 60.

Having zero status on Star Alliance, it was no priority boarding and back of the queue for us.  Having the Trunki with us was great for all the airport queuing.

Thai Airways A330-300

The plane was an A330-300 in average condition. The seat formation in economy is 2-4-2, great for us as we were all sat in a row.

The seats were the usual economy fare but we were all happy to see seatback TVs! We’ve flown with Dragonair to Phuket for the last few years who have the old-fashioned hanging TVs playing ‘America’s unfunniest home videos’. The best thing about Thai Airways was that it was video on demand and available from the moment you sat down!  Cue my husband and I playing endless games of tetris and ignoring the kids.

There was no kids activity pack on offer but luckily I had brought my own packs and they were content with watching TV.  

Daisy loved the gingerbread man making kits from kidstakeitmakeit@yahoo.com

Daisy loved the gingerbread man making kits from kidstakeitmakeit@yahoo.com

When travelling with kids, you should always bring entertainment, even if you think there will be TVs. You never know when your TV might be broken or the kids don’t fancy what’s on offer.

The 'Make A Tent' game lasted a good 30 mins

The ‘Make A Tent’ game lasted a good 30 mins

For some reason the temperature onboard was arctic.  Although we were given blankets, I definitely recommend dressing your kids in layers!

The great thing about remembering to order a kid’s meal is that not only is it more ‘kid appealing’, it comes way before the other meals thus preventing tantrums!  I was quite impressed with the meal as it was fairly healthy – spag bol, roll, egg mayo, banana and a toblerone, which I swiped.

Thai Airways Kids Meal

The staff were friendly and helpful.  I would definitely choose to fly Thai Airways on this sector again.

Arrival into Phuket Airport
Gear yourself up for large queues at immigration.  Very handy to have a Trunki here!  Keep your eyes peeled for new queues opening up or look desperate and flash your baby to an official and they may usher you into the diplomatic queue.


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