Some thoughts on… Phuket International Airport

Unlike the tropical, whimsy feel of Koh Samui’s airport, Phuket Airport is your standard block of concrete filled with queues, loos and Thai tat to buy.

There are 2 Terminals and like many airports in South East Asia, your bags will be scanned before you enter the terminal.

If it’s unclear which desk you require for Check-In, visit the friendly Information counter just after you enter the airport.

There aren’t masses of choices for food.  If like my husband, you prefer the finer things in life, you can duck out of the Check In queue and sneak to Burger King.  Or, eat your last Thai meal at the Thai Airways restaurant on the 3rd floor.

Once you’re through Immigration & Security, it’s a fairly standard looking airport with rows of seats, Duty Free, lots of Thai souvenirs, Thai orchids and snack shops/cafes.  There was also a really nice looking massage/spa place.

If you have kids and you hold either an Airport Angel card or a Priority Pass then I suggest you the Coral Executive Lounge.  There was a little play area for kids with toys & books.

DSC05434 DSC05429

The food and drink was very good and there are magazines, newspapers and massage chairs for the grown ups.

DSC05434For a price, the lounge also offers Fast Track services through Immigration, should you require it.  You can book here

My husband quickly popped into the Thai Airways/One World Royal Orchid Lounge but said it didn’t have as much to offer as the Coral.  I can certainly vouch for the roti which were delicious!

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