Flight Review: Bangkok Airways – Bangkok to Koh Samui (40 mins to 1 hour)

I couldn’t book us on to the direct flight from HKG to Koh Samui so we went indirect via Bangkok.  The only benefit to this was that we cleared immigration in Bangkok and avoided the often lengthy queues at Koh Samui.

Despite the long walk between gates, I do love Bangkok Airways.  Anyone flying with them gets access to their lounge which has loads of free food, newspapers and computer terminals.  I think they might be the only airline to provide this and it’s great for kids.

Outbound we were on one of their little propellor planes (1 hour) and inbound on a jet (40 mins).  They serve a meal on both legs and the staff are very friendly.  On the jet there are tvs that hang down from the ceiling but on the propellor there’s nothing so make sure you bring an activity for your kids.

We were able to bring our buggy direct to the gate and I kept my baby in the Baby Bjorn for the duration of the flight.

I have also just signed us up for their Frequent Flyer programme which I wish I’d done years ago!

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