Flight Review: Dragonair – Phuket to Hong Kong with a 3 yo and 1 yo

Who:  Me, husband, Daisy (3.8 yrs and Sky 1.2 yrs)
Where:  Dragonair KA213 Phuket to Hong Kong
When:  Jan 2013
How Long?  3 hours.  Departs 12.30pm, arrives HK 4.45pm

It’s amazing how so much can change in a year.  Last year we were on this exact flight with a little baby asleep in the Dragonair bassinet.  This year, different story.  A lumping one year old clambering around on us and refusing to go to sleep.

Flight Booking
Through the lovely Daryl at Concorde Travel.  We booked 3 seats between the 4 of us as Sky is still under two years of age.

Check in at Phuket Airport
Fairly lengthy queues but check-in itself speedy.  We were all seated together (hooray!  take that Cathay!)  We took our stroller to the Gate.

An oldish A321 with a 3-3 configuration in Economy.  Overhead TVs every 5 rows so remember to bring your own entertainment.

Before take off I was given a pack for the baby containing a nappy, 2 jars of baby food and some juice.  My 3 year old was given a fantastic kids pack with coloured pencils, mini coloring in/sticker book, window stickers and some cardboard games older kids would enjoy.

Dragonair Kids Pack

 which turns into….DSC05437 Food

I always recommend you reconfirm your kids meals before you fly.  Daisy’s meal was pretty good although you might balk if you feed your child only organic, healthy produce.  It contained waldorf salad to start (sophisticated), spaghetti bolognese, juice, jelly & fruit, a bread roll in the shape of Mickey Mouse and a bag of crisps.  It was so much better than the adult meal.


Overall a smooth flight.  My 3 year old watched her DVD player, we eventually got the 1 year old to sleep in the Ergo baby carrier and we all declined the green tea ice cream.


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