Flight Review: Jet Airways HK – London (via Mumbai) with a 3 mth old

What is it with extortionate flight prices these days?  When I first moved to Hong Kong six years ago, you could buy a flight to London for £350.  Now you’d be hard pressed to find a direct flight for at least double that.  One way to save money is to choose an indirect option.  My family recently flew to Hong Kong with Air China via Beijing and that saved at least £200.  Or you can do as Louise did below and look into flying India’s Jet Airways

Who:  Louise & 3 mth old baby
What:  Jet Airways Hong Kong to London Heathrow (via Mumbai).  9W75 Departs HKG 19:55, arrives LHR 07:00+1

I have flown Jet Airways before and really liked them.  I flew Economy and had booked my ticket separate to my husband as he was flying back earlier.Jet Airways

In order to book the bassinet seat, I had to call various times and they eventually managed to confirm it for me.  They would not however seat me together with my husband.  After much pestering they sat him across from me in the same row but with the aisle between us, which actually worked quite well.

Getting to Hong Kong Airport
We took the Airport Express from Kowloon

Got through easily despite 8 x bottles of measured out water and 3 x bottles of breast milk.  I simply put it in the tray for them to see and they didn’t mention it.

At Hong Kong Airport
We had an hour and a half to kill so had some quick food, fed baby some of the breast milk and I (embarrassingly) went to express milk in the disabled toilet before boarding!  We couldn’t find a baby change so used the pram as a table as it lays flat.  We missed priority boarding but skipped the queue when we were ready.

The staff were lovely.  Just before boarding, we had filled a flask with boiling water in a cafe so we heated a bottle immediately and managed to feed her on take off with only a few tears.

They brought the bassinet and she slept and fed every 3 hours, landed without problems.  I also had to express milk in toilet on plane but as it was a night flight, no one noticed!

Transit in Mumbai
This was a pain, lots of waiting around etc then onto next flight to Heathrow.

Arrival in Heathrow
This was ok, landed, got our bags easily.  The stroller came separately on the side but arrived quickly and off we went with the in-laws.  Immigration would have been long but I asked a guard if there was a baby queue and he took us straight to the front of a queue without any waiting!  Impressed!

The Return – London to Hong Kong (via Mumbai)
I had bought 10×200 mls tetra packs of formula milk for the flight, along with powder and water just incase AND 2 x breast milks.  We had to wait a while at security but they just made me taste the breast milk and water and waved us through.

We did the same with the flask before we got on and the rest was pretty much the same as the outbound leg… until our stroller came back looking as though it had been run over in HK!  It took ages to arrive and after asking a few airport employees it was brought over on a trolley black and crushed!  It was covered in oil and broken so much that I couldn’t open it and after 3 airport employees fiddling about with it for 30 mins, it was open but wouldn’t lock closed.  It was unusable so after hanging around, filling in a form and begging them to get us a taxi home (I couldn’t carry everything as well as a broken stroller), they put us on the Airport Express to deal with it ourselves..  They promised to call that day but didn’t.  I called everyday demanding and begging for compensation and have just been told no-compensation, no-explanation

In Conclusion
The stroller was the only hiccup.  The Jet Airways staff were very friendly and helpful with the baby and us and accommodated us by bringing us our meals when my daughter was asleep etc.  Overall it was very successful bar the destroyed stroller!

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