Flight Review: Virgin Premium Economy London to Hong Kong

Who:  Me & Sky (14 mths)
Where:  VS 200 London Heathrow to Hong Kong, Premium Economy
How Long?  11.5 hrs, departs 9:30pm, arrives 5:00pm + 1

Pre-check In
I chose Virgin’s Premium Economy over BA as I was able to book an aisle bassinet seat. For some reason British Airways would only let me have a middle bassinet seat (no thank you)

It’s a bit of a scramble at T3’s Virgin Check In area.  There are designated desks for Premium Economy

This was dreadful.  We were ushered into a ‘Family Lane’ which despite being half the size of the normal queue, took twice as long due to parents being stopped to ‘test’ milk, unpack strollers, tend to crying babies etc

I took the stroller to the Gate and was given Priority Boarding as I had a baby.  I transferred her to my Ergo baby carrier and then trudged aboard.  The plane was an old A340-600 but I do think the older planes have bigger seats.

Seating was 2-4-2 and I had the aisle of a ‘2’.  As luck would have it, there were some empty seats in Premium and the guy sitting next to me moved, leaving and empty seat beside me.

Seats in Premium Economy are roomy and recline quite far back (a pitch of 38″ apparently, check out Seat Gurus Premium Economy Comparison chart here)  The seat was not in the best condition however and the tray table was dirty.

The Premium Economy pack contains an eyemask, pen, earplugs, socks and toothbrush.

The Stewardesses were helpful and filled up my daughter’s bottle with milk whenever requested.  They weren’t overly attentive (as I have experienced on other flights) but would appear quickly if I pressed the call button.

Food was pretty awful and I wasn’t offered anything for Sky.  I shared my meal with her and had packed snacks. The drinks service was good and they regularly offered water.

I hadn’t packed much to keep her entertained.  She was quite happy to crawl around at my feet, eat the inflight magazines, mess around with the window blind and play with the remote controls.

Bassinet / Sky Cot
You need to request this before you fly and then keep requesting at Check In / Onboard to make sure they allocate you one.

Virgin’s Sky Cot was an odd contraption that looked like a sunken car seat.  On the outbound flight she wasn’t that comfortable in it but on this flight, she slept a good 7 hours.  I did have to spend about 10 mins rocking the cot and also draping us both in a blanket to provide darkness!  Check here for dimensions of the baby cots and weight/height restrictions.

Sky in the Sky Cot.  Don’t panic… she always sleeps with her comforter over her face!

On landing in Hong Kong my stroller was given to me at the end of the walkway by the plane.  I had to wait about 10 mins for it.


  1. hi

    Are you trying to suffocate your baby? I know they can be annoying but still!!!

    1. Nicola

      That is genuinely how she sleeps! Strange but true..

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