Flight Review: Dragonair HKG – Sanya with kids

A quick flight review for you today.  Not just because the flight duration of Hong Kong to Sanya is slightly over an hour.  But because I have no return flight report as I made the trip back overland (you can read why here!)

Who:  Me, husband, Daisy (4), Sky (nearly 2) – this was the last flight ever where I didn’t have to buy her a seat!
What:  Dragonair KA650 departs HKG 08:55 and lands Sanya 10:30.  Economy class

Flight Booking
Through Daryl at Concorde Travel. He is brilliant.  Don’t all rush to him at once please.

Getting to the Airport
I called for a private taxi on+85294815053 which cost HKD $240, much cheaper than a regular taxi.  For me, when travelling as a family of 4 it is cheaper and more convenient to get a taxi to the airport rather than take the Airport Express.

Check In
Even though Dragonair is part of the Cathay family, don’t get smart like we did and go straight to Cathay assuming you can check-in.  You need to go to the Dragonair counters.  

Sanya is located on Hainan Island in China. Therefore you will need to have organised a tourist visa in advance!

Hanging out at HKIA
As my husband is a Diamond Marco Polo Club member, he managed to get us all into Cathay’s ‘The Wing’ lounge.  I furiously stuffed my bag with all things free from water to boxes of cereal.  As usual the lounge was extremely busy but I can’t knock it for a place to hang out where I can give the kids a complimentary breakfast.

Our flight was departing from the North satellite concourse (gate 504).  To access this terminal you need to take a shuttle bus so allow plenty of time to get there.  

Off to Sanya!


Having bought 3 seats for our family of 4, the A320’s seat configuration was perfect (3-3).  We squished in to our bank of 3 although my youngest actually refused to sit on our lap for take off so the 4 year old took her place.

As it’s such a short flight, there’s no entertainment so come armed with your sticker books/iPad.

They provide a drinks service but no food (apart from biscuits) so make sure to bring snacks for the kids.

Onboard Dragonair to Sanya

Arrival at Sanya Phoenix International Airport (SYX)

After departing from the aircraft, we were put on a bus to get to the terminal.  Tip – stand near the exit doors so that you can run off the bus and straight to the front of the immigration queue.

I was pleasantly surprised by the airport, it had an airy tropical feel almost similar to that of Koh Samui! Our bags came promptly and we were met by a hotel representative as soon as we had gone through customs.

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  1. Angela

    Nice review, and luckily for a short flight there is not much needed in terms of kids entertainment. A tablet and sticker books will do, but for longer trips these (free) travel activities ideas for kids might come in handy.

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