Qantas Flight Review: Melbourne – Auckland/Wellington

I looked down at my boarding pass and it said ‘operated by Jetconnect’. Who?  Apparently a Qantas subsidiary who operate trans-Tansman services between New Zealand and Australia under the Qantas brand.  And let me tell you they are good – much better than my Qantas longhaul flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne in terms of comfort, age of plane and cleanliness.

QF 171 Melbourne – Wellington (just under 3 hours) 

QF 152 Auckland – Melbourne  (just under 3 hours)

The plane was so clean it felt like new, a Boeing 737-800 with the seats in a 3-3 formation.  

Qantas Jetconnect PlaneOn the way to Wellington they seated my family of four in a 2 and 2 (I drew the short straw by sitting next to my two year old!).  On the way back I had the best seat ever – on my own!

Big screens AND most importantly you can watch the entertainment from the moment you get on the plane.  The kids meals were some of the best I’ve seen with a fruit salad, mac’n’cheese, organic fruit juice, muesli bar.  Breakfast on the return was cereal, cooked breakfast and a muffin.

Qantas Jetconnect kids meal

Compared to the longhaul of Hong Kong to Melbourne, entertaining kids on a 3 hr flight seems easy. Especially when the TV is available from the moment you get on the plane (even Peppa Pig!).  

Sky watching Peppa on Qantas

On our return journey they also offered a Qantas Flight Pack which my 4 year old found fun although was a bit too advanced for the 2 year old.

Qantas Fun Pack


  1. Yashy Murphy (@YashYanthi)

    love surprises like these!!

  2. Wendy at Tots

    wow seriously impressed with the kids meal… will remember that…

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