Review of Bangkok Airways Business Class: HK to Samui

Even if I had buckets of money, I still wouldn’t fork out on business class for a flight under 7 hours. However, we recently flew to Koh Samui (Thailand) and due to the fact it was a late booking and public holiday in Hong Kong, we had not choice but to pay extra to take the last seats on the outbound flight which were business.

Bangkok Airways have the monopoly on the Hong Kong – Koh Samui route.  We have flown this leg in economy on numerous occasions. You can read my previous flight review here.  So how were things different in business class?

PG806 – Bangkok Airways – Departs HK 5.30pm arrives Koh Samui 7.00pm

At the airport

Bangkok Airways - Business Check In - Shrink

We were able to check in using the business class lane with the fancy blue carpet. However, all the check-in desks were empty so there was no added bonus here!

Although the flight is now a codeshare with Cathay Pacific, you can only collect airmiles through the Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus Club so be sure to sign up.

Flying Bangkok Airways in business class also gives you access to the great Club Bauhinia Lounge located near Gate 23.  Here’s the review of the lounge.

Bangkok Airways usually park their plane at the satellite terminal which is accessed by bus (ours was Gate 504)

Bangkok Airways Gate - shrink


Bangkok Airways flies an A319 which has 3 rows of 2 business class seats.  Strangely we weren’t seated together but given 1A & 1C and 3D & 3F.  The seats are comfortably and roomy – think old school style business class seats.

Bangkok Airways Cabin - Shrink

The seats have a pretty good recline and foot rests. It’s less than a 3 hour flight so you really don’t need a flat bed here!

Bangkok Airways - chair - shrink

Food & Drink

You are offered a drink on take off and then dinner about an hour into the flight.  Ours was served on a fancy tray but I think it was very similar to what is offered in economy (usually very good!) plus a fancier appetizer.

Bangkok Airways - dinner - shrink


There are no seatback TVs so you are given individual iPads loaded up with a selection of movies and TV shows.  A fun idea although mine had already run out of battery…  There wasn’t much for kids but these days people travel with all their shows loaded up on a personal tablet.

Bangkok Airways ipad - shrink

There was a nice amenity pack containing an eye mask, socks, earplugs, hand & nail cream, lip balm toothpaste, toothbrush and comb.

Bangkok Airways Amenity Pack

All kids onboard are given a sweet little Koh Samui airport sticker scene set. I still can’t get over the fact that my two girls appear to be named after Bangkok Airways mascots!


Whilst it’s great to have the extra legroom and comfort, I wouldn’t pay extra to fly business class on Bangkok Airways. The one big bonus though is that you are able to get off the plane first and into immigration at Samui airport faster.  My tip here (if flying economy) is to check in online and reserve seats either at the front of the plane or the very back of the plane. If you are in the middle then you will be the last off AND the last in the long queue at immigration!


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