5 Toys For The Plane (ages 3-6)

Don’t get me wrong, obviously we love inflight entertainment and we love ipads.  But it still makes my heart leap with joy when I see my kids playing with something that isn’t electronic.  Plus you can’t use those electronic toys until you’re up in the air!  Following a recent flight, here are 5 toys which kept my four-year old entertained:
Plane Amusements

  1. Mini etchasktech.  There are loads on the market, my sister-in-law bought this Minnie Mouse themed one for the girls
  2. Dot-to-dot books.  Whilst even I think this kind of thing is mega boring, my 4-year-old absolutely loves dot to dot.  Great way to learn numbers and engage creativity at the same time.  Usborne have a really nice range, from machines to the seashore.
    Daisy and dot to dot
  3. Sticker books.  You can’t beat ’em, they are my favourite toy for the plane.  From big window stickers (watch the air stewards grimace as your kids stick them all over the place) to books filled with 1000s of stickers
  4. Workbooks.  These are brilliant for kids that have just started school and are learning to read and write.  Oxford do a great set of workbooks, each one light to pack.
  5. Sketch pad & crayons.  The best crayons are the triangular ones that won’t fall on the floor.  I also prefer crayons to pencils as pencils need sharpening.

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