6 Tips To Help Catch A Connecting Flight!

Have you ever had that awful hustle and mad dash through the airport to try to catch a connecting flight?  The nerves kick in the moment your first flight lands and you start squeezing your way through the cabin shouting ‘I’ve got a plane to catch!’.  Add in kids and the stress factor goes up tenfold.  So what can you do to minimise disaster and ensure you catch your connecting flight?

  1. Book a ‘legal connecting flight’ e.g. same airline/partner airline.  This way the airline is (sort of) on your side and if you experience a delay, it is on them to rearrange your flight or even pay for accommodation etc.  
  2. Seek advice before your book those flights.  Is it the same terminal?  Is it the same airport?  How long will it take you to get from A to B.  For those who’ve done the international to domestic at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi, they’ll know what a marathon that is!
  3. Take hand luggage only

    Flylite is a wheelie cabin bag that converts to backpack - very useful!

    Flylite is a wheelie cabin bag that converts to backpack – very useful!

  4. Ditch the stroller.  Do you really need it for this trip?  Waiting around for a stroller can add minutes to your journey.  A baby carrier e.g. Bjorn/Ergo is indispensable for dashing through the airport with baby and suitcase in tow.

    Imagine rushing through the airport with this lot!

    Imagine rushing through the airport with this lot!

  5. Ask for help!  If you’re on the plane and you think you’ll be late, tell the crew.  They might be able to phone ahead for you or arrange a buggy pick up.  Don’t be afraid to get off the plane quickly by shouting ‘i’ve got a plane to catch!’ and if you need help with transport to get from A to B, flag down the first person you can see.  
  6. Have a plan B in the back of your mind.  You might not catch the flight…  Is there another airline that can take you?  Should you spend the night and catch a flight in the morning? 

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  1. littlemissmum

    Some really good tips here. I have flown quite a few times with Little Miss and my favourite mantra comes from the Girl Guides: ‘Be prepared’. Love how you have a plan B. At the end of the day you have to think ‘what’s the worse that could happen’, and if it is getting a hotel for a night and a flight in the morning, it’s not that bad.

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