Air Sickness Bag Hand Puppets!

I once amused (badly) a coterie of kids on a Bangkok Airways flight with some (badly made) airsick bag hand puppets.  I had to laugh when I checked my email this morning to find a note from my wonderful friend Adam and some pics he took on a recent flight to Melbourne:

We normally allow Noah to have 1 toy during take off and leave the balance in his “toy bag” in the overhead bin until we reach cruising altitude.

Anyway on our flight (1 hour flight time)  this morning there was rather bad turbulence which meant we couldn’t gain access to the over head locker for quiet sometime.

Leading to us having to improvise – result: Airsick Bag Puppet show!!

Kept him entertained for 20mins.

Adam sick bag puppets 2 Adam Sick Bag Puppets 1 Adam sick bag hand puppets 3

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