5 Games To Play On A Plane


Occasionally I challenge myself to see how long I can engage with my kids before resorting to the inflight entertainment or iPad.  Now my oldest is 7, she is happy to sit and read and both are contented with sticker books and colouring-in.  However without the distractions of home/ability to run away and hide, it’s nice to use the time on a plane to actually play games together.  Here are a few of my favourites, please add your suggestions below!

  1. Sick bag hand puppets. This was something I read about on a family travel blog years ago. Since then (although I’ve noticed sick bags are on the decline with all the cost cutting), we’ve had fun creating these puppets up in the air. Plus you’re always guaranteed a smile from other passengers.
    Sick bag hand puppets - shrink
  2. Looking at the flight map in the in-flight magazine and learning about all the countries.  We learn the capital cities, languages and currency (using poetic license when I don’t know the answer).
  3. Onboard eye spy.  My 4 year old still doesn’t really understand the concept of ‘something beginning with X’ so we often revert to ‘something the colour X’.
  4. Holding down your nostrils with your fingers and pretending to be the pilot ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome onboard’.  I can tell you are already trying this one at home.
  5. Memory Games.  We go back and forth saying ‘I went to the supermarket and bought X’, adding in new items and trying to remember the ones we just said.  Again, my 4 year old doesn’t really understand and just likes floating in random nouns but it’s definitely improving my cognitive ability.


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