Healthy Snacks For Kids On A Plane

Tonight I get the pleasure of a longhaul flight with my two girls (4 and 2).  I am trying to be healthy as I’ve got my sister in law’s wedding in ten days time and I also don’t want to load the kids up on junk/sugar.

Healthy Plane Snacks

Inspired by my favourite health guru chef Mia, I’ve made my own trail mix containing:

  • Raw almonds
  • Raw coconut slices
  • Goji berries
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Spirulina nibs
  • Cacao nibs

I’ve put it in a snack pot so the girls can sit and nibble away (although it’s so delicious I’m halfway through it and we haven’t even got to the airport yet).

I also have:

  • Cut apple slices in a snack pot
  • Organic brown rice crackers (gluten free)
  • ‘The Good Bean’ chickpea snack (not tried them before but I’m lured in by the promise it’s 40% less fat than nuts)

The question is whether we manage to keep ourselves away from the free chocolate, biscuits and crisps on British Airways.  I’ll keep you posted!

For more inspiration on healthy snacks for the plane, check out Mia’s post here


  1. susanna

    This brings back memories …. but my snacks were usually biscuits and crisps! Some great tips here, thanks.

  2. Jacqui

    Does this mean that the munchkins won’t be eating the chocolate buttons that Grandpa Joe has ready for them when they get off the plane?

  3. Meagan

    Hope you and the girls enjoyed the chickpeas! Flying with two small kids=superwoman 🙂

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