Tips On Booking An Infant Seat With Ryanair

Following a recent flight to France, here are my sister’s tips on booking an infant ticket with Ryanair

Sam on Ryanair

Flying with a toddler can be really hard work.  On our last flight, our (then) 19 month old spent most of the journey screaming his head off or running down the aisles.  When we booked our next trip (a 2 hour flight to France with Ryanair), we decided to book him his own seat, even though he was under 2 years and could technically still sit on one of our laps.  If you’re thinking about doing the same, here’s what you need to consider:

  1. Weigh up the cost versus comfort factor.  We paid around £40 more to ‘upgrade’ our son from an infant to a booking with a proper seat.
  2. Take-off and landing.  You’ll still need to have the infant on your lap during take-off, landing, and any other times when the seatbelt sign is turned on.  Some airlines will let you keep infants on their own seats during these times if you are using approved safety harnesses.
  3. Making the booking.  I struggled to find the right info on the Ryanair website, and ended up spending time on their web chat and also on the phone to their customer care centre.  In the end, they advised me to book him an adult seat, and then phone to change the booking to an infant with extra seat, which they refer to as a ‘comfort seat’.  I found this frustrating, as we had to pay an adult fare for an infant (rather than a cheaper child fare) but it was the only way that we could do it.
  4. Checking in.  I couldn’t check in online for my son as the Ryanair system considered him an adult, and wouldn’t accept a child’s date of birth in the online checkin field.  I spent a while on the online chat and then on the phone to them, and they took his passport details over the phone and told me that I would be allocated a boarding pass (free of charge) for him at the airport.  So I printed off the normal online boarding passes, and was then given an additional one at the airport with the seat number for the comfort seat.  This was fine at Luton, but caused some difficulty at the French airport for our return journey.

Was it worth it?  Totally.  That tiny bit of extra space made a huge difference to our comfort and sanity on the flight.

Sam and Abbie on Ryanair


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  1. Jonny Blair

    This is a marvellous article. Ryanair are one of my favourite airlines. I reckon I have managed to travel on over 50 of their flights down the years and never paid more than £49 for a flight. Amazing.

  2. Diane Heyder-Bruckner

    I wish I’d found your article sooner! I’ve been ripping my hair out trying to get any sense out of someone from Ryanair’s customer service regarding purchasing an extra seat for an infant! They should just tell you how to do that online! and that it will cost you an adult fee and not the half price child fee.. anyway… Glad I know to ring them to check him in! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Kate

    Thanks for this post! Just done it and it took 10 min on the chat and they added her DOB. And instead paying 20£ her ticket cost as mine 8£ plus extra space for her 🙂

  4. Hilde Eyckmans

    Great article! But Belgium their chat is always busy or unavailable and there is no number to dial.

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