Flying Long Haul with 9mth old twins: Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow to Boston

Paroo had twin boys shortly after I had my youngest daughter Sky.  She didn’t let having double the trouble stand in the way of her long haul adventures and jetted off to the US when they were 9 mths old.  

Who: Paroo, husband Anish and twin boys (9mths)
Where:  London Heathrow to Boston
When:  September 2012
How:  Virgin Atlantic.  Had free upgrades to Premium Economy with our miles BUT unable to use them as Premium Economy do not have 2 bassinets together and we would have had to sit on opposite sides of the plane.

My husband and I thought the boys would get all hot and bothered if we took them on a beach holiday, so we thought we’d do a city break before the kids got to the age where they dictated our itinerary.

When we booked our flights, Virgin couldn’t guarantee that we would get the bassinets so we were advised to arrive at the airport 4 hours early so we had a better chance of getting these seats.  Fortunately we did and there were no problems.  Incidentally on the way back we had accidentally been given the two side seats in the group of four middle seats, so we would have had one bassinet in front us and one in front of the people next to us.  That would have been a problem if the passengers next to us didn’t want to be separated.  Fortunately I realised just after check-in so they changed our seats.

Security at Heathrow T3
Although we had pre ordered some Aptamil for the flight from the Boots at Airside, we still had some Ellas food pouches and milk with us.  We had to open 2 out of the 4 pouches and taste half the milk, which was fine as we gave it to the boys straight after.

Next time I fly I would also pack 2 sets of clothes for each of them, Sai’s clothes were covered in food before we had even set foot on the plane!

We had taken our slings with us for the plane journey as we had to leave our stroller at the Gate.  It was difficult packing up the buggy whilst carrying the boys, but with the boys in the slings we were able to have our hands free. I was also able to carry both (one in the sling and one in my arms) when my husband was checking in the stroller.

On our plane there were 2 bassinets in front of the middle four seats on the plane.  So, we were given the middle two seats so each of us had access to a bassinet.Virgin Bassinet

Outbound – We ended up having all four seats to ourselves which was great as we were really able to spread out and keep all the boys toys/food at arms reach.  I gave them milk at take off and landing and they slept or played in their bassinets for the rest of the flight.

Return – We had two other passengers on either side of us on the flight back so we were trapped in the middle with hardly any space.  After take off, the air host requested that we removed the bassinets so it didn’t bother the passengers next to us.  I politely said no and they were fine with that.

When you don’t have the babies in the bassinets they also act as a convenient storage area!

For more information on flying with kids on Virgin Atlantic click here

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  1. Amy

    Love that photo Paroo! That’s exactly what ours looked like London to Sydney. Ruben barely went in it but don’t know what we’d have done without it!

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