Getting young kids to sleep comfortably on a plane

Hooray, your toddler is now old enough to have their own seat!  But how to get them to stay in it and comfy enough to fall asleep?

It’s all about personal taste.  I for one, lay on my front in bed.  I replicate this on a plane by uncomfortably doubling over and and squashing my head on the tray table.  Or taking an Ambien and having the best sleep ever!

For your kids, it’s a similar story (minus the Ambien).  If I let my 3 year old watch TV long enough, eventually her eyes will glaze over and she falls asleep.  I don’t bring anything special onboard with me and use the airline’s blanket and pillow.  Sometimes I’ll ask for spare pillows But for those of you who love a product, I’ve taken a look to see what’s out there:

How about a kids travel pillow? These are from a UK site and have removable covers for cleaning:
Travel pillow

  • Good old Trunki have come up with Snoozihedz, a 3 in 1 travel pal, pillow and blanket.  I haven’t seen in it in person yet but am quite keen to review.  Retails at £20 and is available from http://kidstravel2.com/home



  • To ensure your kids eyes glaze over into the endless void of TV, bring your iPAD/DVD player armed with their favourite shows.  You might want to invest in a pair of kids headphones like Kidz Gear
  • Take a wheel on suitcase or Trunki and put this in the footwell between the seats.  Your child can rest their feet on it and you can make it cosy with blankets
  • If you’ve got lots of room in hand luggage (I never do), some people swear by bringing their child’s own pillow from home
  • Yes, I do drug my child on a plane.  I once used Phenergen which was great but it’s now illegal to sell to under 6s.  I give her an antihistamine branded Piriton (in HK) which my paediatrician gave to me.  Honestly speaking, I’m not sure if it’s hugely effective but is now part of my flying ritual.

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