Heathrow Terminal 3 – aka utterly rubbish for kids

I’ve recently flown with Virgin from London to Hong Kong which means I had the pleasure (?) of departing from Heathrow’s Terminal 3.  Unlike Terminal 5 which still gleams of newness, T3 is very rough around the edges and not that pleasant a travel experience.

It’s a myriad of elevators and walkways from the carpark to enter T3.  Virgin has a huge area for check-in which can be a bit of a bun fight as there’s no easy queuing system (come on, we’re British, we love a good queue, sort it out Virgin).  Unless you are flying Upper Class where you are whisked away to a secret swanky lounge and your own security, you then get to trudge around the corner to join the masses at Security.

On seeing a lone, anguished parent and a screaming child, a friendly face appeared and ushered me through to the ‘Family Lane’.  Big mistake.. huge.. If you have this choice, don’t take it!  I promise you, even if the queues for security in the other lanes seem longer, you will get through faster.  In the Family Lane, everyone takes 10 minutes to unbolt their stroller, tend to screaming children, taste all their liquids etc.

Once through Security, there are the usual shops and a few good eateries.  There is no designated children’s play area that some other airports have.  As mentioned in another post, I recently received an ‘Airport Angel’ card through Natwest and I googled to see what lounge that would give me access to.

The No 1 Traveller Lounge is pretty good although not quite as smart as the actual Business Class lounges.  However there was free food & drink and lots of room for baby to crawl around.  If you are travelling with older kids, there is a family room with a TV and table football.

Here s Heathrow Airport’s Guide to their facilities across all Terminals.

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