Overcoming a fear of flying through the power of EFT

I wanted to repost this as I met a lovely lady the other day who is scared of flying.  I had this session a few years back and it has made a big difference to my fear of flying (yes I know, what idiot travel blogger hates flying).  I’ve flown more than 20 times this year and I have felt pretty good, including the time on the Vietnam Airlines propellor plane where the passenger in front questioned the stewardess about how much experience the captain had…

Airplane Sky

My 2013 resolution was to get over my fear of flying.  As someone who flies every two weeks this fear of flying was simply getting in the way of enjoying life.  I’ve tried educating myself on all things aviation but that ended in my developing a morbid obsession with plane crashes.  I’ve turned to self medication – xanax and a few glasses of wine but it’s not a good combination if you’re travelling with young kids.  I was about to try hypnotherapy but was put off by the exorbitant cost and the fact it didn’t work for a good friend of mine with a similar level of fear.

So when I saw an advert for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that promised to help overcome a number of fears including flying, I was intrigued.  Especially when the EFT practitioner Orla said it could be cured in one session.

What to expect

Orla Breeze (as sunny and breezy in person as her name suggests!) has successfully treated people for physical, emotional and spiritual issues with therapies as diverse as Scenar Therapy, EFT, Sound Healing and Meditation. In addition to this, she runs parenting workshops including ‘the truth about motherhood’.

We met at The Sanctuary, a healing centre in Hong Kong.  After introducing herself and her experience, she began to explain the concept of EFT.  It is thought that through ‘tapping’ on various meridian points on the body, energy blockages that are behind negative emotions are released.  The meridian points are all related to acupuncture points. Orla then had me talk through my fear of flying and its history.  Once she had pinpointed a few areas, we started the ‘tapping’.  This involves saying a mantra like phrase whilst tapping certain meridian points.  After each run through I would instantly feel lighter when talking about flying.  She kept delving further into the root of the fear of flying and would change the mantra accordingly.  The session lasted for an hour.

The results

I flew less than a week after my session with Orla.  That weekend a plane had crashed in Bali.  I felt none of the crippling fear and obsessiveness that would usually overcome me after seeing a crash on the news.  The day of my flight, I was extremely calm and able to enjoy my airport experience.  It was almost like I couldn’t access the deep rooted knot of anxiety I normally carry with me through an airport.  Onboard I actually looked out of the window on takeoff and once up in the air, was able to enjoy the ride.  It was a two hour flight and pretty bumpy at times.  I felt a strange sense of detachment during the turbulence like it didn’t matter and everything was going to be ok.


I had an extremely positive experience through my EFT session with Orla and I really hope that this is a lasting experience for me.  EFT is widely and successfully used for all kinds of phobias, panic attacks, cravings, general anxiety, physical pain and emotion traumas.  In the past Orla has succesfully treated fear of flying, childhood trauma, severe anxiety and many other emotional traumas in no more than than two sessions.

To get in touch with Orla, please contact her on orla@orlabreeze.com or go to www.orlabreeze.com or http://thesanctuary.com.hk/index.php/practitioners/profile/37

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