Pre-ordering baby milk at Heathrow Airport

Isn’t it annoying when you have to open sterilised milk bottles and food pouches going through security? (I obviously want my plane to be safe, I’m just having a convenience moan)  Here’s a way to make your journey through London’s Heathrow Airport less stressful.  Pre-order your milk and other baby goodies to pick up from the Boots store after you go through Security.  

Did you know you could do this through Heathrow Airport’s website?  Neither did I!  Reserve & Collect is a free service whereby you:

  • Select the product e.g. Aptamil carton
  • Click on the Reserve & Collect button to reserve the item.
  • Reserve & Collect will contact the retailer and email back confirmation that the items have been reserved.
  • Simply pick up and pay for the items you have reserved on your day of travel. The collection point for each item will be the shop you have purchased from, in the terminal you are flying from. 

Boots has a good range on offer from all the Aptamil cartons to disposable bibs and sterilising tablets to Hipp organic jars.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for email on shopping_services@heathrow.com or give them a call.

Daisy Trunki

Daisy loves an airport Boots shop


  1. Shu

    Thank you so much for the handy tips!

    I’m flying to HK from LHR with my 10 month old in Nov so just researching at the mo…it’s so nice to be able to read a real mum’s experience!

    1. Nicola

      My pleasure! That’s one of the reasons I set up the site in the first place, to provide a real mum’s perspective on travelling.

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