Review of the Plaza Premium Lounge (International) – Penang Airport

I‘ve written before on how much I enjoy lounge use before I fly.  My kids are entertained on the computers, we’ve access to free food and drink and there are always a few magazines for me to pocket for the flight!


Now please don’t sigh ‘oh but she’s flying business class, that’s why she’s waltzing in and out of lounges’.  I’m not.  Check your wallet, you might also have lounge access you didn’t know about.  If you live in Hong Kong, it’s likely you own a Cathay American Express card (if you don’t own one, sign up immediately, you’re missing out on a flurry of airmiles!).

Whilst at Penang International Airport recently, I saw a sign for the Plaza Premium Lounge.  I thought I would be able to access with my Airport Angel card (as I had done at HK Airport).  Turns out they don’t accept it here but they do accept a whole host of other credit cards, including a HK Cathay American Express card.  You can also pay, packages start at MY128 for 2 hours.

The lounge is exceptionally clean and fairly sizeable.  There is a lounge area with super comfy chairs and at the far end, a bank of 3 desktops for use (I parked Daisy at one of these who happily watched the Barbie movie on You Tube).

IMG_8287Adjacent is a dining area with access through to the buffet.  Food includes hot dishes, savoury snacks and pastries and a small salad bar.  There are cold beverages and coffee/tea available.  It was only after reading about the lounge in retrospect that I find out there’s a barista making coffee using beans from Java.  


Should you need it, there’s also a shower room with complimentary toiletries




  1. darren

    do you pay for children. ours is 4and a hlf year old.

    1. Nicola

      I didn’t pay for my 4 year old

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