Top 10 Ways To Keep A Baby Entertained On The Plane

Young babies don’t need much. They will be content to spend their time feeding, sleeping, having their nappy changed and staring/gurgling.

Then there’s that age of 5 months to 1 year where babies are alert and want to play but without the attention span for endless episodes of Peppa Pig or a movie.  So how do you go about keeping them occupied on a flight?  There are a lots of different activities you can do from peekaboo with fellow passengers (granny types are best for that) or chewing on an inflight magazine.  Here are my top 10…

Playing in the bassinet

  • Teething toys – my absolute favourite is a Sophie Giraffe. I also stole this tip from the internet – bring a baby toothbrush with a ribbon tied to it, hours of munching fun for a pre-teething baby!
  • Tearing up an inflight magazine or sick bag.
  • Toy plastic keys. Both my girls loved clacking and sucking these
    Toy plastic keys
  • Big stickers.  Not the fiddly ones that require you to pick them off for them but huge stickers that they can rip off and stick anywhere.
  • Box of coloured straws
  • Stacking cups.  Easy to pack and if you get the plastic ones they double up nicely as a pool toy.  Or failing that, ask the flight attendant for some real cups!
  • Books.  For smaller babies soft books are great (especially with buggy clips so you can attach to bassinet or your seat) and for older babies, books with flaps.
  • Activity toys.  Lamaze have a good selection e.g. the Flutterbug for little ones and Fred the Farmer for 9 mths +.  My kids also loved anything with a label to suck.  Taggies actually sell baby toys with extra labels on them – great idea!
  • Snacks!  Hours of fun sucking on an apple ring, fruit pouch or a teething biscuit. There are very few airlines that will actually offer food for your baby so be sure to pack enough.
  • iPhone/iPad with episodes of Peppa Pig and Baby Einstein


Is there anything you would add?  A must-have travel toy for under 1?


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  1. Mums do travel

    Excellent tips. Mine are well past that stage and the iPad works wonders for them!

  2. littlemissmum

    Great tips. I would just say LOTS of snacks. When my Little Miss was 11 months we went to Amsterdam and she finished all the snacks I had packed before we took off!!

  3. kat

    I agree! Toys for them to play with and look at and also ones they can put in their mouth! Sophie the Giraffe rubber teething toy is my favourite too. Yes 100% snacks to!

  4. sisterstosons

    Great list!! I am traveling with my kids soon so pinning this! P.S… visiting from SITS!

  5. notafrumpymum

    Great tips. We’ve found snack and peppa pig episodes were a massive hit, saving our sanity and those around us x

  6. Bonnie Frank

    These are nice tips! I have pinned this to my “parenting” Pinterest board.

  7. KG Style Designs (@kgstyleinc)

    This is awesome. Wish I knew this when my little one was under 1.
    Now he’s just a crazy toddler.

    Visiting from #SitsSharefest

    Keep it Touched,

  8. buttondiaries

    Excellent tips. Will bear this in mind when we get on a plane with a little one.
    Laura x

  9. Eleanor (thebristolparent)

    Post it notes! Like stickers but more disposable and more fun to layer up all over the tray table, your parents, and pages of magazines.

  10. sarah

    We individually wrapped all of the toys and activities for our little boy. Makes it extra fun for them and keeps them distracted for a little longer! Check out our activity pack here http://travellingapples.com/2014/04/12/jacks-aeroplane-activity-pack/

  11. malibumamaloves

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing on #BrilliantBlogPosts! For more travel tips check out malibumamaloves.com! I will be sure to share these tips with my readers!

  12. Honest Mum

    Love Lamaze here too! Fab tips! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  13. Sally@Toddlers on Tour

    I had forgotten about those early months with the extremely short attention span with a need for soft chewable toys. I would suggest whatever top/book you choose add a set of coloured chain to attach it to baby, because drop the object and you having to do some contortionist act to retrieve it of the plane floor is going to grow tiresome pretty quick.

  14. Marc

    Great tips. I have used those tips few years back. Mine are almost 3 and 4 and we have been traveling for 4 years with them and had few incidents but things always worked out. thanks for sharing.

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