10 Ways To Tell You’re On A Hotel Break… With Kids

  1. Pictures of the resort you’ve booked are making you anxious.  Will they have a baby cot available?  Have you made a mistake traveling somewhere so nice with kids?
  2. Rather than gasping in awe at your luxurious hotel room and taking a moment to relax, you’re immediately moving things around and childproofing it.
    Chiang Mai Chedi Hotel Room 2
  3. The buffet breakfast is the opposite of relaxing – endless trips to the buffet (for the kids, never for you), constantly preventing spillages and tantrums, glancing enviously at the honeymoon couples who are quietly reading the newspaper (why are they even at the buffet at 6.45am, surely they should be in bed?!)
    Breakfast at Petrus
  4. You’ve had breakfast and you’re by the pool and IT’S STILL ONLY 7AM.  At least you’ve had the pick of the sun beds.
    Anantara Pool
  5. You and your partner are constantly trading blocks of free time.  A visit to the gym (aka uninterrupted TV watching) is the most relaxing option you’ve got all day.
  6. Your beach bag is filled with baby wipes, cracker crumbs and mismatched arm bands.
  7. You are delighted to volunteer to trek back to the hotel room to pick up things you’ve forgotten to bring down to the pool.  In offering to be so helpful, you can sneak in 10 mins of lounging around the hotel room on the wifi or even an uninterrupted loo visit. All thwarted if the ubiquitous housekeeping cart is outside your room.
  8. 5-7pm Happy Hour has never looked so appealing. Except you’re busy doing bathtime in your hotel room.
  9. You spend the evening huddled outside on your tiny hotel balcony enjoying room service, trying not to wake your little ones.
    JW Marriott Balcony
  10. When you arrive home to your creature comforts, there’s a large part of you that’s actually relieved.


  1. Meg

    Totally spot on! Taking out the selection of miniature beers/wine/champaign in the mini fridge to cram in milk and baby food pouches would also feature on our list.

  2. Cathy (MummyTravels)

    Ha, absolutely – the balcony and sneaking off to steal a few quiet moments are very familiar!

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