5 Money Saving Tips For Family Travel

I must admit, my heart skips a beat when I spy a sale rail or discount bin in my favourite store. So when it comes to shopping for travel, although I do favour luxury, I still like to root around for a bargain and feel like I’m saving money where I can.

Family travel can really add up but there are lots of ways to shave money off your costs.  Here are my top 5 money saving tips:

  • Certain airlines have affiliated credit cards e.g. Cathay/BA Amex, Virgin Atlantic Credit Card.  For every pound that you spend, you accrue airmiles which is really useful if you think you will fly those airlines regularly.  I also use airmiles for at least one family holiday per year, either for the entire flight itself or perhaps an upgrade if we are flying longhaul.  My tip is to make sure you book these trips far in advance as miles seats are limited and get snapped up quickly.
  • Use aggregator sites to find best deals on flights and hotels.  I like Skyscanner, Momondo and Kayak, who will compare a large number of travel sites for you and get you the best price.
  • Avoid excess luggage fares by packing like a genius!  I always think it’s worth investing in a decent piece of lightweight luggage.  Check the airline’s policy on weight – don’t forget that infant’s sometimes get luggage allowance, despite not having a seat.  Consult a packing list (there are many online – including mine!) and leave yourself wiggle room for souvenirs.  If you can, try to weigh your luggage before you go to the airport.
  • Take advantage of any free stuff that comes your way on holiday.  Never miss a free breakfast and always have your fill.  There’s nothing wrong with being cheeky and sneaking away some muffins and fruit to keep the kids happy during the day.  If buying water at the resort is expensive, use the free bottles in your room and refill them in the gym!  For more tips on saving money at a luxury hotel click here
  • I’ve been stung by exorbitant mobile phone charges on holiday (note to self, make sure Data roaming is OFF!). If you plan on making/receiving calls while you’re away, research international options with your current provider or look into buying a local SIM or renting a mobile – many airports have this service available.  If you are planning to buy a local SIM then make sure you have a spare phone and charger with you.  
    If you are likely to be on reliable WIFI for the duration of your trip then Skype, FaceTime and Viber are all great options.

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