5 Tips For Coping With Sick Kids On Vacation

We are back in London for my sister in law’s wedding.  We’ve had a tough week fighting off various ailments from tonsilitis to chesty coughs.  Unfortunately getting sick comes with the territory when travelling with kids so here are 5 steps to make it easier:

  1. Stay healthy on the plane.  Get your kids to drink lots of water.  There are various homeopathic blends you can use to boost immune systems (check out my review of Native Essentials Little Traveller kit).  If you remotely suspect an ear infection, get this checked out by a doctor asap as fluid in the middle ear will cause great discomfort when flying.
  2. Pack any medical information you might need from noting down allergies to medical insurance numbers.
  3. Pack a decent medical kit with all your kids favourites!  I remember running around pharmacies in the Philippines trying to find strawberry flavoured Calpol for my friend’s daughter as the hotel only had banana and she wouldn’t take it!
  4. Go with your instinct.  If they need to see a doctor, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can find one.  Ask your hotel/villa manager to organise one or use the power of google. Remember to keep all your receipts to claim on your medical insurance.


    A poorly Sky on way to doctor

  5. Try not to let a sick child ruin your own trip!  If you’re cooped up in a hotel room, take it in turns to sit by the pool or spend an hour exploring the city you’re in. 
  6. In severe cases you can use a Holiday Illness Claims Solicitor for compensation when your child gets ill on holiday.

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