A Packing Masterclass – 5 Simple Steps

Are you sitting comfortably for your packing master class?  Here are 5 simple steps to help you get packing!

  1. Invest in a decent lightweight suitcase.  It will allow you to pack more and avoid those baggage charges.  I love my Antler Cyberlite.

Antler Luggage 1

  1. Check with your destination (hotel/villa/parents) what equipment they have.  There is no point packing a travel cot, steriliser, baby monitor etc if you can get one there.  Also, supermarkets don’t just exist in your own country, you can also buy baby goods pretty much anywhere in the world!
  2. Check the airline’s weight limit.  Some airlines are far stricter than others (BA might as well have a naughty corner at Heathrow).  You might want to buy a handy portable travel scale like this Travelon one.
  3. Don’t pack like a whirling dervish with kids nipping at your feet.  Print off a packing checklist for ideas  and pack methodically.
  4. There will always be things you can’t pack until last minute, especially if you are waking up sleeping kids before heading to the airport.  Make a list to stick on your front door with all the last minute items e.g. grobag, kids favourite toy, phone charger (clearly i’m getting my inspiration from items I have forgotten in the past)


  1. Tammy Allman

    Don’t pack in a hurry. You will leave something behind!!

    1. Nicola

      Hahaha, did you get your ipad?

  2. Andrea, Passports And Pushchairs

    So so true about BA!

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