An Ingenious Packing Tip! Review Of Boots International Delivery

My sister has always been far more organised than me.  She recently jetted off on holiday with my two year old niece and six month old nephew in tow.  Making her life easier was the clever decision to order a load of baby formula, nappies etc direct to her hotel!  Smart thinking sis.  She did this through Boots but there might be other equivalents if you’re outside Europe.  Here’s her review of their delivery service:

We were off to France with our baby and the thought of packing was filling me with dread. A quick online search revealed that Boots (the major UK pharmacy) now offers international delivery to 19 EU countries.

How it works:

Create an account online via www.international.boots.com.  You’ll need to create a new login, even if you already use their UK retail site.

Select your items.  I chose baby formula, food pouches, nappies and a few toiletries.

Then just place your order, allowing 7 working days for delivery.


  • No need to pack heavy items or worry about spillages en route
  • Access to familiar brands from home
  • Collect Boots Advantage Points
  • £9.99 Delivery charge
  • Need to check with your hotel in advance to ensure that they are happy to receive the packages, and if possible to ask them to check that everything has arrived in good condition
  • Limit on baby formula, you can only order six items of each individual product
Georgina's Boots delivery arrived safe & sound at her French hotel

Georgina’s Boots delivery arrived safe & sound at her French hotel

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    Great tip thank you!

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