How To Get Your Kids Interested In The World

Daisy globe

My 5yo recently came home with her very first geography homework.  She was to list all the islands she had ever visited.  We sat together with the globe pointing out places she had been to and learning where everything was.  I was in geography heaven.  I have a huge passion for learning about the world and a junior atlas used to be my favourite book.  Well that and Malory Towers.  Reeling off capitals of the world has always been one of my best party tricks. My dad used to teach me all the capitals and I would write them diligently down in an old exercise book. When I was 8, he put his computer coding skills towards making me my very own capitals of the world quiz game!  I know, mega geography dork!

So I am trying to instill this same love of the world and its geography in my daughters.  Every time we travel, it’s a good excuse to teach them more about where we are going.  This is easy to do with older kids but how can you get younger kids engaged in where you are going?

  • Buy an inflatable globe and show them where you are traveling to and from. The fact that the globe will also double up as a ball they can chuck around is a double winner!
  • Teach them some of the local language.  It’s always polite to say please and thank you wherever you are in the world.
  • Go online and show them pictures of local food.  We are headed to Louisiana this summer and when I told my 5yo about the beignets in New Orleans, boy was she excited.
  • Similarly with food, find pictures of the local transport.  What kid wouldn’t love the chance to go on a tuk tuk in Thailand or bullet train in Japan.
  • Show them the national flag and try to copy the design for yourself.  It’s also fun to design your own family flag, all that’s required is a blank piece of paper and a chopstick!
  • After you pick up your currency, let the kids look and it and play shops with it.  You might want to supervise or that will be the end of your holiday spending money.
  • Find out if there are children’s books set in your destination.  Books also make great souvenirs and you can often find nice ones at the airport e.g. ‘An A to Z of Hong Kong’
  • I’ve mentioned the Leap & Hop travel activity books in a previous post but these are brilliant for kids aged 5+ to take with on your travels.  My 5yo had a Sri Lanka book for our Christmas trip and she absolutely loved the activities inside, from drawing a sitting buddha to a local I-Spy game.
    Daisy Leap & Hop
  • Buy your child a notebook and teach them how to keep a journal of their travels.  For young kids they’ll just enjoy scribbling in it. For older kids, it’s the chance to learn how to write a diary, stick in their photos, tickets and other trip memories.

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  1. Inga

    Great tips. Especially like the ones about the food. It also works to try some recipes at home 🙂

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