Packing Tips: Kids Clothes

During my recent UK visit, I was watching my daughter play in the park whilst remarking to a friend that she looked a bit like a street urchin.  As the (typical) London day had turned from sunshine to overcast, I had cobbled together a warmer clothing selection of summer dress, socks with sandals and completed it by wrapping her up in my scarf.  This is the problem with travelling, sometimes it can be hard to get your clothing selection right!  Apart from yesterday’s epic fail, here are my golden rules for packing kids clothing:

  • Check your destination’s 10 day weather report.  Then have a quick look at those fancy historical data weather websites.  That should give you a guideline on roughly what to pack.
  • Even if you’re headed somewhere tropical, always pack your kids a jumper for the plane.  Even though my girls normally throw a tantrum if they can’t wear a party dress, I make them wear leggings, t-shirts, socks and trainers on the plane and pack their jumpers in my hand luggage.  Don’t forget spare clothes for them (and you) in case of any in-flight vomit/toilet issues.
    Daisy TrunkiFor a while I used to make Daisy wear this rather fetching pink tracksuit for flying
  • Don’t forget to pack swimwear and swim nappies!  For some reason, I always forget to do this until the last minute.  To make things easy, print out a packing checklist.  For stocking up on kids clothing from swimwear to summer dresses, have a look at girl’s clothing from K&Co.
  • If you’re going to a hotel with a kids club/softplay, check to see whether you need to pack clothes with long sleeves and socks.
  • I know you’re desperate to pack every single summer dress your toddler owns as they never get a chance to wear them otherwise.  Don’t risk overpacking and having to pay extra on your luggage.  Always check your airline’s luggage weight guidelines in advance.
  • If the weather might be variable, think about items that can take your wardrobe from sunshine to rain in a flash.  A hooded gilet adds warmth without bulk, tights can transform shorts or a skirt, and a fold up kagoule is always useful – even if it might not earn you any fashion points!
  • If you’re travelling somewhere that requires ‘niche clothing’ e.g. kids ski wear then try to borrow it!  Kids grow so quickly and I guarantee they’ll be out of those expensive salopettes faster than you can say salopette.  Maggie in ski bootsIf you’re taking clothing that isn’t part of their daily wardrobe, make sure it fits and is comfortable. I have wasted money and suitcase space on jelly shoes that my daughter refused to wear.
  • Buy some handy travel wash to do quick laundry in your hotel bathroom.  Take lots of empty plastic bags to double as laundry bags.
  • Remember you can always do the laundry when you get to your destination.  When travelling in the US, many motels have laundry rooms and if you’re lucky to be in the Far East, you can often get someone else to do your washing and ironing at a very cheap price.


A big thanks to K&Co for making this post possible!

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