Tips On Keeping The Family Healthy Before A Vacation

Getting ill is sometimes unavoidable.  There was the year that we all gathered to spend Christmas together in Malaysia.  Every family member depleted and drained of energy (although a few pounds lighter!) as we’d been struck down by the norovirus from Typhoid Daisy.  Or the time my husband spent the night on a drip at the hospital (severe food poisoning), begging the doctor to release him in time for his flight to Koh Samui the next day!

That one in the middle!  Gave us all the norovirus!

That one in the middle! Gave us all the norovirus!

In light of the unavoidable, here are some tips on keeping you and the family well before you jet off on that longed for vacation….

  • In the lead up to your trip, if your kids are showing any signs of ill-health, don’t be British about it and ignore it (as I do constantly – turns out Daisy’s mouth ulcer was actually impetigo) and take them to the doctor.  An ear infection might mean you can’t fly so best to be on top of things.

    This one was ill in London. Turns out it was tonsilitis

    This one was ill in London. Turns out it was tonsilitis

  • Keep a relaxed and calm routine in the days before you leave.  Daisy wanted to go ice skating for the first time, the day before our flight to Phuket.  As fun as Christmassy iceskating sounds, I bah humbugged the idea as I didn’t want either of us bruised or broken!
  • Long flights can expose us to all sorts of interesting germs so build up your family’s immunity before you go!  Brilliant immune boosters are chicken soup (my mum was right!), yoghurt, garlic, citrus & kiwi fruit and every kids favourite – leafy greens…
  • In addition to the foods above, you might want to supplement with vitamins from Vitamin C to Echinacea.  My Little Traveller Kit from Native Essentials contains an Immune Aid For Kids with manuka, myrtle and lavender.
  • Good hygiene.  Encourage your kids to wash their hands well.  I also pack a hand santizer in my hand luggage.
  • Pack a decent medical kit.  For ideas on what to pack, see this previous post
  • Keep a note of all your kids allergies, important medicines etc to take with you on holiday.
  • Purchase travel insurance!  You never know when you might end up seeing the doctor or in hospital on vacation…
  • Dress everyone in layers for the plane.  Planes are completely inconsistent in temperature – one minute its freezing and the next it’s boiling hot.

    Tracksuits are brilliant for the plane!

    Tracksuits are brilliant for the plane!



Happy travels to you all over the festive period!  Stay well and keep well!

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