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I’m currently in the process of packing for a week’s trip to Bhutan.  This is a slight deviation from my normal holiday packing routine of sandals, suncream, book, repeat. I actually had to google the weather to see what extremities I may need to prepare for and frantically hunt down last-minute hiking gear. In fact I’d much rather be writing this blog post talking about packing for my trip than actually packing.  The lovely Sheryl from Make My Wardrobe Work recently gave me some packing tips, including ‘always roll, never fold’ to avoid creases.  I also found a very helpful list entitled ‘What should I pack for my trip to Bhutan’.  However, I thought I’d use this opportunity (to escape the packing), to share some of my favourite packing tips & hacks with you:

  • Check the airline luggage policy.  I’m flying Druk Air to Bhutan, who appear to have a very generous 30k allowance for Economy checked luggage.
  • To adhere to point 1, buy portable digital scales. Weigh your bag before your depart and then pack for the return leg.

  • Print off a packing list and check it off methodically. This is particularly important when packing for a baby/toddler. Lucky for you I have a brilliant one here.
  • Splurge on packing cubes. Well it’s hardly a splurge as they are so cheap but they are the best packing invention ever and you can never have enough.  Amazon has a huge variety – try to get ones with a handle on the side and mesh on the top.

  • Get plugged in to the relevant electrical requirements by checking out my dad’s favourite website, Power Plugs & Sockets Of The World. Then pack all your chargers/adapters. It still don’t understand why manufacturers insist on making annoying travel adaptors e.g. bright blue light and too heavy to stay in a socket on the wall. But perhaps that’s just me.
  • Assume your toiletries will leak so always pack inside zip-lock bags.
  • Pack your heaviest items towards the wheels to distribute the weight to the bottom of the case.
  • Always bring a big laundry bag
  • If shopping features into your travel plans, pack a collapsible duffel bag. The last thing you want is to spend money on an extra bag.
  • Have a think about what happens if your checked bag goes missing. Are there any items from medical to swimsuits that you couldn’t live without? Pack them into your hand luggage.


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