Meet The Blogger: Cheryl From Kids On A Plane

I get inspired through reading fellow bloggers be it cooking, parenting, fashion or travel.  To introduce you to some of my favourite travel bloggers, I bring you the Sunday ‘Meet The Blogger’ series!  

Today we meet Cheryl from the fantastic Kids On A Plane.


How long have you been writing your blog and what prompted you to start?
I’ve been blogging for 2 years and I initially started just to point friends and family to travel resources and personal trip reports when they had questions about traveling with their kids. Since I was getting asked the same questions often I figured it would be easier to send them a link to read and digest later.
After about the 1 year mark I realized that many parents had the same questions about traveling with kids (especially babies and toddlers) so I created more content geared to new or new-ish parents.
Describe your travel style in 3 words
Food, Fun and Coffee – those are the three things we travel for
What’s your favourite family friendly travel destination?
This is a very difficult question to answer as we’ve loved every city and place we have traveled to so far. We love theme parks (it’s difficult not to love them when you have young children) but those are kind of intense trips and not so relaxing. For a relaxing family friendly destination I’d have to say Seattle, Washington – it’s not too hot or cold, has some great little coffee shops and kids have a ton of opportunity to play outdoors (and splash in the puddles)
What’s on your bucket list for 2015?
We haven’t thought that far ahead yet but we’re hoping a Caribbean cruise and some travel on the west coast – San Diego, Vancouver, Seattle. Short weekend roadtrips around Toronto and east coast US in between too.
Have you ever had any epic travel fails?  Places to avoid?
Yes! We like many parents plan flights around our children’s sleep schedule. Unfortunately our flight was delayed by 4 hours from 9PM to 1AM a few years ago and by the time we boarded the plane our son (10 months old) at the time was WIDE AWAKE as we left Toronto. He was up the entire way to Orlando and we didn’t get to sleep until about 6AM in the morning (we landed at 4AM but with airport transfer to the hotel and settling in it took us a while to get him and ourselves to sleep). 
An hour later we had to get up and head to our port terminal for a cruise. That first day on the ship was a complete write off and our daughter was cranky because no one had enough energy to do the activities she wanted to do. She was the only one that got decent sleep the night before.
Needless to say, we no longer book flights around our youngest’s sleep schedule (even though that strategy worked really well with our daughter) and choose to fly during the day just in case flights get delayed.
As for places to avoid — I don’t have any yet!
What’s your number 1 packing tip?
Pack only the essentials in your suitcase (if you’re traveling to a family friendly destination chances are it will be easy to find extra diapers and food) and use packing bags for each member of the family – it’s so much easier to find stuff and unpack once you’re at the hotel/destination.
Cheryl Wonderland
You can follow Cheryl on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.  If you’re planning a Disney trip in particular, her Disney posts are invaluable!

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