Packing hand luggage for long haul flights

My friend Sarah laughs at how light I pack.  Sarah wanders around with a magical Mary Poppins bag stocked full of everything her two little boys could possibly need, weighing like a tonne of rocks (and often full of rocks thanks to her youngest).  There is no right answer as to what you should pack in your hand luggage but I guarantee you will use only half of it!

I have just arrived in the UK from a 12 hour where I was flying alone with my two girls.  I thought it might be useful to see what I packed and what I actually used.

Travelling alone with a four year old and 21 mth old, I need to keep my hands free so used my trusty North Face backpack.  For the kids, I hadn’t used the Trunki for a while but decided it might be fun to give it a whirl (there will be a post on that later).  I also had my Ergo baby carrier.

Nic Hand Luggage

Cathay Pacific CX237, departs 00:20 arrives 06:00 + 1

Inside Backpack

  • 3 passports
  • Passport holder with frequent flyer cards etc
  • Plastic folder with printouts of flight
  • Camera
  • 3 dummies/pacifiers
  • Pens
  • MacBook
  • Phone
  • UK sim card
  • HK/UK house keys
  • Broken iPhone that I have loaded with kids games (didn’t use as I forgot to charge)
  • Magazine
  • Grobag (didn’t use)
  • Eyemask (didn’t use)
  • Change of top for Sky (didn’t use)
  • Cardigan for Sky (didn’t use)
  • Spare knickers for Daisy (didn’t use)
  • Bottle of phenergan (didn’t use)
  • Plastic bag containing Panadol, Gravol, Nurofen and syringe (didn’t use)
  • 2 kids travel sickness lollipops
  • 1 bag crackers
  • Bottled water
  • Sky’s milk bottle
  • Kuhi comfort neck pillow (attached to rucksack)
  • 1 cereal bar (didn’t use)
  • Hand sanitiser (didn’t use)
  • Pack of mini tissues (didn’t use)
  • Spare plastic bag (didn’t use)

Inside Trunki

  • Small stuffed toy for Daisy
  • Comforter/blankey for Sky
  • Nappy sack containing 5 nappies (used 2), wipes and nappy sacks
  • My Jetlag & Mayhem backpack containing sticker book, crayons and colouring book
  • Trunki Snoozihedz travel pillow
  • Tiger Tribe Magna Junior Animals set (magnetic puzzle)
  • 1 book (didn’t use)
  • 1 etchasketch (didn’t use)

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