Review Of UK Holiday Price Comparison Site – Icelolly.com

I was asked to review a British holiday price comparison site, icelolly.com


This is not a site I’ve used before but I’m all for checking out any site that might offer a cheap holiday deal!

icelolly.com photo

What is icelolly.com?

Apparently the UK’s leading holiday price comparison site with packages from all-inclusive to cruises.  Icelolly don’t actually sell or book the holidays, it is up to you to take the information from the search and then phone the provided travel agent.

How easy is it to use?

It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing site.  But you’re not there for the graphics, you’re there to find the best family holiday deals.

You can select a ‘holiday type’ from Sun, Ski, Stag, Disney, City Breaks, Cruises and Hen Weekends.  You can also opt for self-catering holidays.

I decided to test the site with a search for a Sun holiday in Tenerife, 7 nights over Christmas week.

icelolly screenshot

The search results

After sorting by ‘five star’ (this is a pretend holiday, why not), you can then filter by price range.

Each result shows a few pictures, short description and the price.  For more information, you have to phone the particular travel operator, in this case ‘Deal of the Day Holidays’ with your quoted reference number.

What I Like

This site gives you the chance to access some great deals, especially through travel agents you may not have heard of.

What I don’t like

The main problem is that the price you are quoted on is a ‘base price’.  You will need to add on extras like baggage and transfers.  This price is also quoted per person, based on two adults sharing (difficult to assess if you’re booking a family holiday).

There’s a lot of information missing, which you won’t find out until you actually make your booking with the travel agent.  Again, if you are travelling with kids, some of your decision making might be based on flight times, airline etc.

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