Teaching Kids About Travel

Spotting the pyramids - shrink

As we were coming into our final approach to LAX my daughter peered through the window and exclaimed with glee, ‘ooh are we in Egypt?  Are those the pyramids?’.  I giggled but then realised that we were heading off on a two-week road trip around New Mexico and she didn’t have a clue what was going on.  Feeling bad about spending more time researching burger joints than educating my five-year old, I set off on a mission to educate her:


  1. I showed her a map of the USA and ask her to point out New Mexico.  Now she can read, she loved finding the different states she had visited in previous years.
  2. I told her what the state capital was (I had to google it, totally thought it was Albuquerque). Apparently its Santa Fe…
  3. I emptied my purse on the table and introduced her to US currency!  I then gave her USD $10 and told her it was hers and she could spend it on whatever souvenir she liked.  It took a while to stop her from wanting to buy everything in the souvenir shop but I think we’re getting there.
    Daisy & her souvenir - shrink
  4. A food education!  New Mexico is all about the chile and I was very proud to watch her munching on eggs with green chile and proclaiming it delicious.  It is my mission this trip to get her eating everything from enchiladas to huevos rancheros.
  5. This one she came up with – she asked if there was a song about New Mexico.  Well apparently there is, Johnny Cash’s ‘New Mexico’.

How do you teach your kids about the places they visit?  


  1. Cathy Winston

    Love this – I’m looking forward to my two-year-old being old enough to start getting the concept of travel, although it’s happening slowly. So far, the most we’ve done is a Babar book set in Paris before our trip there.

  2. Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist

    These are great ways to introduce kids to travel. I can see them getting into it rather than yawning with boredom at a lecture!

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