Top 5 Hotel Room Pet Hates

The Chedi, Chiang Mai - a perfect hotel room!

The Chedi, Chiang Mai – a perfect hotel room!

I’ve met a lot of hotel rooms.  So much so that I’m almost on edge until I’ve done a quick sweep of the room to check everything is to my satisfaction.  Then I relax.  I promise you I’m not one of those horribly picky people who complain about everything.  It’s just that I’ve paid money to enjoy the hotel experience and I shouldn’t have to worry about the following things:

  • Opening the door to be hit by a waft of dampness/must or stale cigarette smoke (in a non smoking room)
  • Hair… anywhere!  I understand that cleaning staff have a tough job and clean to a deadline.  But a hairy pillow?  Or stray hairs on the bathroom floor that I know aren’t mine?
  • Rogue lights.  It’s time for everyone to go to bed, the curtains are drawn and you turn all the lights off.  Only to find that it’s not dark.  The alarm clock is illuminating the room and there’s a small green light on the aircon that won’t go away.
  • Noisy elevators!  Nothing worse than being kept awake all night by the ‘biiiiiiing’ or ‘ding dong’.
  • Missing and broken TV remotes.  Please leave the TV remote where I can find it!  I’m likely to have an irate and jetlagged child who is demanding to watch TV immediately.  Oh no… the TV remote is broken and I have to call reception and wait for a replacement? 

Moral of the story; if you are not happy with your hotel room then speak to the Manager immediately and ask to change to a better room.  


  1. notafrumpymum

    Mine is no tea/coffee making facilities, not quite at home until I’ve had a brew!

  2. Jess

    I hate when there’s a light that I can’t find the switch for. Having to pile pillows over my head to sleep is the opposite of relaxing.

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