What I packed in Hand Luggage: 3 hour flight Phuket to Hong Kong

Who:  Me, husband, Daisy (3.8), Sky (1)
Where:  Dragonair Phuket to Hong Kong (3 hours), take off 12.30pm, land 4:45pm

We divided the below between my husband’s black rucksack and my shopper.  I took the stroller to the Gate and then switched the baby to the Ergo baby carrier.

DSC05428For Kids

  • Food bib
  • Snacks; Surprise Pez toy for 3yo, raisins, 2 travel sickness lollipops, 2 cereal bars
  • Medicine in clear plastic bag; 1 syringe, 1 small bottle Panadol, 1 small bottle Piriton 
  • Jumper for each child
  • DVD player & headphones
  • Spare knickers for toddler
  • 1 toddler pull up nappy
  • Noisy, flashing lights book for baby
  • Small Peppa Pig book
  • Topsy & Tim Aeroplane sticker book
  • 2 dummies
  • Baby’s comfort toy
  • Nappy pack with 3 nappies and half empty pack of wipes

For Parents

  • Camera
  • Passports
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Books/magazines
  • Phone
  • **Black pashima/scarf – this may now be my new favourite piece of carry on, acts as blanket, toy for peekaboo and way to darken cabin when baby’s in Ergo baby carrier or bassinet


  1. Jessica Hill

    Some really great ideas here Nicola. We are ever so grateful to you for this blog. It has become our ‘go to guide’ before we travel. Looking forward to the next update,
    Jessica, Matt, Ava (4) and Seb (8 months)

  2. Jo

    I’d love to know where you can get the travel sickness lollipops in Hong Kong ? Jo with Olly & Tom (4 1/2 years)

    1. Nicola

      Hi Jo, I bought them in good old Bumps2Babes.

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